TAAE Annual Stakeholder Audit 2015

Amidst the growing national awareness that DIY is not just a term for fixing one’s house, The Audacious Art Experiment spent a busy 2014 not fixing its house (except the urinals) and getting on with far more interesting things. One of them being the eyeopener we're able to (partly) tell you about today. On the Monday morning of January 26th, a big memo is due to hit the desks of everyone working at Good Taste Corporation Read on

New Release AUD#32 – Jim Ghedi – Destroy All Your Earthly Possessions

Since joining Audacious Space in 2012, Jim Ghedi has been a constant source of enigmatic joy and inspiration for us all. Often taking up the bulk of the more lackluster daytime slots in our booking doc, there was rarely a day down there where you wouldn't expect him to suddenly burst through the door, followed by a gang of tweedy minstrels and begin humming an ecstatic mass that would last for hours on end. It was Read on

Peak Signal 2 Noise TV Debut – Sat 27th September

Peak Signal 2 Noise is a brand new weekly Experimental music/sound/art programme made by a Sheffield-based collective of filmmakers, musicians, artists, gig promoters, including Singing Knives Records, Tinnitus Jukebox and Poot. It has been developed over the last year to document the experimental music scene, after Sheffield was awarded a local cable TV channel called SLTV. Run alongside the already established Sheffield Read on
KC Front Cover

New Release AUD#31 – King Capisce

We are delighted, thrilled and grateful to announce another new Audacious release. Just when we thought we couldn't squeeze any more into our summer schedule we blew open our calender once more to shove the new King Capisce album in your face. The Future Cannot Be Born Yet, It Is Waiting For The past To Die, is the Sheffield chaps second album and a follow up to their first. These guys have been rehearsing Read on

The Sonicks Ov Magick – Fuse Art Space

Following on from the inaugural celebration of the academic and intuitive crossroads of contemporary performance magick in Leicester, The State of Magick is pleased to announce a single day symposium being held in Bradford this Sunday 31st August. Fuse Art Space plays host to an eclectic mix of artists whose work utilises a praxis that sits within the realms of the esoteric and the mystical; at intersections where Read on

New Release AUD#27 – Dirdsbead – s/t

What we have here, is the long awaited first release from our favourite new crooner DIRDSBEAD. It's been on our 'to do list' for a hell of a long time now, after we snuck a tune out in March on our Soundcloud and it feels amazing to finally be able to share it entirely with the world. For those of you new to this particular character, Dirdsbead is the solo project of Sheffield DIY songwriter David Walker. Reared Read on

New release: Sagan, by Spandril (AUD029)

Resident Audacious electronician Spandril has returned with a brand new physical release. Sagan was recorded late in the dark dark night during TAAE's tenth birthday celebrations last year. It's a slowly unfolding 22 minute voyage consisting of bass-heavy drones, bleeps, rattles, scrapings and heavily saturated organic textures; more blisteringly raw and yet more developed than Spandril's previous release "22/7". [bandcamp Read on
AMRL v.2

Trans/Human – The AMRL v.2 {beta} Tour

In June of this year, Trans/Human slipped off on an expedition around eastern Europe, to conduct an AMRL tour that sought to gather more recordings for their archives. The Audacious Mobile Research Library (AMRL) is a Trans/Media environment where frequencies, signals, energies and other data is collected, manipulated and re-transmitted. On this trip, Trans/Human aimed to play impromptu open air performances and thanks Read on

The OptoPhonic Workshop – Tramlines Festival Fringe

New Sheffield-based experimental music and filmmaking collective Peak Signal 2 Noise are holding their inaugural mini-festival The OptoPhonic Workshop on Sat 26th July at The Montgomery Theatre Studio - a one day mini-fest of workshops, instrument building, improvisations and sonic experimentations… Nested within the city-wide Tramlines festival, this Arts Council funded fringe event aims to draw in adventurous Read on