The Audacious Podcast #5

Here's the latest installment of The Audacious Podcast, which was recorded on 13/3/14. It features all the latest news and gigs between March and early April, an interview with the guys from MADE who put on post rock alldayers in Sheffield. As well as the usual blast of new releases, stuff from our distro and other things we're just really really into. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Tracklist: 1. Doe - Let Me in 2. Read on
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ACTS presents The Fish Police at Broomhall Centre, 6th April

AUDACIOUS COMMON THREAD SOCIALS (ACTS) and CONSTANT FLUX is very very VERY proud to present... SUNDAY 6th APRIL @ BROOMHALL CENTRE, SHEFFIELD An open, inclusive and integrated event featuring bands from the Learning Disabilities and Sheffield DIY music scenes. THE FISH POLICE Combining surreal pop imagery with glitched beats and a strong visual aesthetic creating their own unique blend of electronic left-field Read on
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Audacious In ‘New Music’ Shocker

After months of petty negotiations and back-room sales targets we have finally been given the green light to make an announcement. This announcement is actually a little unclear as our PR team have been on a winter break with the Grimsby Town lads. The basics of this is that we have new music for you to listen to. Now, bear with me while I explain. On the January edition of our podcast we briefly touched upon a collaboration Read on
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Audacious Podcast 4

You'll have to excuse us this month. It seems we didn't quite get it together to sort out the podcast for its usual date. Don't fear because it's here anyway and as my nan apparently said once, 'it's better late than not bothering to bother.” This month it's back to basics as we move inland from the scent of Cleethorpes seafront and broadcast from the comfort of our armchairs with a few beers and a large margarita Read on
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New Release AUD#26 – Trans/Human – The (UN)Expected

At long last we can finally bring you the latest release from TAAE's very own frequency analyzers, Trans/Human. Recorded over one weekend in the winter of 2012 at Audacious Space by Ben Hunter and mastered by Cam Deas, The (UN)Expected LP is Trans/Human’s first work to be committed to wax and its a piece we're really proud to deliver. With the use of a clothing rail and extended table, Trans/Human hung and piled Read on
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Audacious Podcast #3

Another day, another Audacious Podcast. This week is a special one as we broadcast from the streets of Cleethorpes, visiting hotspots like Smiths Arcade, Cleethorpes Pier, Ernie Becketts chippy and the home of Grimsby Town FC, Blundell Park. This week you'll hear tracks from the likes of Elk, Container, Gum Takes Tooth, The Jelas, Nope and Facel Vega. As well as all this we also announce the long awaited results Read on
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January clear out – 50% off everything

Eeeeeeeeeee it's January and everyone's skint. You've spent the last month, buying loads of crap no one needs for people you don't even like and drinking yourself blue in consolation. Nice one. If that wasn't enough, every shit house shop on the high street is now trying to convince you to part with even more bank digits, for stuff you won't need until next year. That's where our 50% sale comes in. You need Read on
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Spot That Difference

Well that's just about the year over and done with. Twenty thir-fucking-teen. A fruitful year down at the Audacious HQ it has to be said. We've packed the place out with records from ZA! Cowtown, Amorous Dialogues/Etai Keshiki, Che Ga Zebra, Spandril, Corner Control and Championlover. That works out at about a new release every eight weeks. Not bad, yeah? You're welcome! To celebrate the beginning of 2014 we've decided Read on
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Audacious Podcast 2

Following on from last months first attempt at a podcast we have gone right ahead and done another. Co-hosted by Loic Tuckey and Luke Twyman, down at the Audacious HQ, the chaps blaze through a bunch of records from the distro and whip out some exclusive new tunes from the Audacious Womb. Those of you who listened in last time got the full range of DIY punk, hardcore, lo-fi garage and increasingly fresh experimental Read on
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New Release AUD#25 – Championlover – Make-Out LP

Wow, it's a busy time over here in the Audacious Womb. We've got another new release, and this is one that I'm incredibly excited about. Championlover are a band that have been entwined with The Audacious Art Experiment for a very long time.Two of them used to play with Luke back in the 'good old days' of Trinity, and then Phil also went on to play in A Middle Sex. However, we shall not dwell on the past - this is Read on
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