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Anthony Rooley, founder and director of early music ensemble ‘Consort of Musicke’ claims “Since I first began my exploration of the ‘Dialogue’ repertoire of the seventeenth century in the mid-1970s, we have had occasion to use this material on innumerable occasions for teaching purposes (singing and performing teaching, not amatory!). Its vitality and freshness, its humanity, humour – and dignity, too – has fired so many young performers, focused their enthusiasm and honed their performing skills.” These young performers say fuck Rooley and fuck the mid-1970s.

Amorous Dialogues is Andrew, Benjamin, Fiona and Stefan. They like Gravity, Dischord and Crass Records’ output and have borrowed accordingly. Their songs deal with disillusionment, angst and general, unchanneled rage.

After joining Audacious Space in early 2012, under the then banner of Maxillofacial Death Pyramid, the Dialogues finally found form in July 2012 with a couple of line up and direction changes.

Their first demo was recorded in house at Audacious on a zoom mic.

After playing a hat full of gigs over that summer and recording more demos, preparations got underway for a split 7″ with Leeds’ No-wave outfit Etai keshiki over the winter, which was eventualy released on 19th August 2013 to coincide with their summer tour together.

Releases available to buy/hear

Upcoming shows
AD are currently planning more recordings and releases and are always available for shows.



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