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AUD 18 Thee Cuss Words and Horses Split

We’re probably gonna regret this by about 8pm tomorrow, when our ears are ringing with nothing but high end guitar, reverb vocals and fart jokes. Sunday’s are normally a very quiet day for Audacious, but this week it’s looking like being the opposite, as me and Ben are heading down to our space to recorded two of the noisiest bands round our end at the moment. Who, i will add, are on tour together and have just reached that gushy self adoring phase every stint creates. When your whole world narrows and you can’t image anything else other than the in jokes of your peers and the feeling that you’re gonna be best friends for life.

Tenner bet they’ll be bored of each other in a year. They’ll be overheard at gigs in the south, bitching to other bands about how boring their new stuff is and how they haven’t seen each other around, since so and so started going out with whats her face.

Presently though they’re both on fire and even a bodged recording, captured at the perfect moment, stays perfect forever.

See them in Sheffield Friday 9th Sept @ The Red House
Rest of the tour below if you’re unlucky enough to live anywhere else. Limited tape out Oct/Nov.

Thee Cuss Words

5th September – Bangor, North Wales, Rascals Bars with Skinny Limbs
Event link

6th September – Liverpool, Wolstenholme Creative Space
Event link

7th September – Leeds, Oporto Bar + TOM’S BIRTHDAY
Event link

8th September – London, Buffalo Bar
Event link

9th September – Sheffield, Red House
Event link

10th September – Halifax, Bar Up, with United Fruit
Event link

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