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Audacious 10th Anniversary Weekend


Behold. Our little baby Audacious has finally grown up and reached its 10th Birthday. In celebration of this we will be throwing a weekend party in the only way we know how – by putting on as many bands as possible in various awesome locations in the fair city of Sheffield.

The first of which will be held at our beloved HQ and will feature a selection of in house bands and pals, who have not only played and practiced there over the last year, but helped to develop the space into the thriving community womb it is today.

Friday 31st May @ Audacious Space, Harwood Street.

8pm – late



+ more tbc



The second and most important event brings together the cream of the current DIY music scene, as well as some very special surprises along the way. All of the label’s recent bands will be in attendance, as well as those that have been involved over most of the last decade. The show will be in one of CADS’ many legendary warehouse spaces in the city centre.

Saturday 1st June @ CADS Venue, Sidney Street.

2pm – late featuring


ZA! (Barcelona)
Two people in front of your eyes, yet a transoceanic, futuristically primitive orchestra in your ears. Spazzfrica Ehd & Papa duPau, the duet from Barcelona known as ZA!, keep on their post-world music conquest with their best album so far: WANANANAI. The instruments are numerous: drums, guitar, keyboard, trumpet, voices, sampler, percussion. All processed through many analog effects, recorded live loops, and played just by 2 people: Spazzfrica Ehd (drums, keyboard, percussion, voice) & Papa duPau (guitar, trumpet, sampler, voice). Always acclaimed by their intense, ever-changing live sets, unrelenting and rhythmically wicked music hard to label: Battles being more organic, Lightning Bolt being more harmonic, Animal Collective being more aggressive, Steve Reich being less serious.



Opposing drummers ignite a dense, focussed rhythm engine to propel thunderous evolving acid synth and refracted vocal manipulations as motorik astrally projected drive-trains thrust through haunted subterranean soundscapes into epic swathes of crushing synth riffing heavy enough to compete with any de-tuned guitar monster.


Residing in Newcastle, James uses keys, drum and software technology to create incredibly dense ambient electronic soundscapes. The pace ebbs and flows from techno to light noise, then towards bass heavy future soul and back round again to the eerie drones of your favourite David Lynch movie. A producer by day but bold enough to take it out into the live realm at night, with inspired and unpredictable results. We’re excited to be bringing him down this way for what we know will be a truly memorable late night performance.

Featuring members of That Fucking Tank, Hookworms, Mucky Sailor, NOPE deploy rhythm, repetition, drones, double-drumming and big riffs to hypnotic head-nodding effect occupying the musical territory between minimalist Krautrock, psychedelic shoegaze and fist-pumping noise and alternative hard rock.

An ever evolving post-punk three piece from LEEDS consisting of Jonathan Nash on guitar/vocals (RUNNERS/NOPE/HOOKWORMS), David Michael Shields on drums (MONSTER KILLED BY LASER) and founding member Hilary Knott on synthesizers/vocals.

After releasing their first tape with us well over a year ago, Blood Sport have knocked out a string of releases that continues to see them develop their own brand of Aggrobeat even further. Blending Afro beat and soft techno rhythms with twisted post punk vocals and wandering underwater guitar lines, Blood Sport are in a world of their own and they want to take you there.

A Liverpool based ensemble composing and performing music for solid-body electric guitar, percussion and other instruments. Ex-Easter Island Head have been making waves in the music and art scene over the last year, with their prepared guitar technique and rhythmic arrangements akin to Rhys Chatham and Steve Reich, mixed with melancholic and atmospheric soundscapes of their own concoction.

The darling buds of Audacious return after a short break, in which Loic went to South America and concentrated on growing his hair. There’s not much we can say about Wooderson these days, only that we love them and their perfect brand of Dischord pumped post punk and we’ll continue to do so until the world stops spinning.

Glenn and Ritch (formally of Andy, Glenn And Ritch) and their friend Tom have been involved in the Audacious family since school. Their blend of complex yet melodic indie emo still as vital as it was 10 years ago. Elk released the ‘Return To Sender’ EP with us a year back now but shows have been few and far between. Making their inclusion in this pretty darn special for us.

+ more TBC

Advance tickets = £10, £12 from PARTY FOR THE PEOPLE
It will be more on the door.


Ticket info coming soon.

The entire festival is being run by people who provide such events, not only in their spare time, but in time carved out from the normal rhythm of 9 to 5 or self employed existence.

The Audacious Art Experiment is a non for profit arts collective and all money generated on the day will go to the bands who have traveled and the people who rely on sound engineering for a living wage.

As well as celebrating the exist of our label, the entire weekend is dedicated to our founder Ben Lane, who we lost far too early in November 2004. An opinion always missed, a character made immortal in his own words.

“Crystalised forever, in our romantic imagination”.

Ben Lane Forever.

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