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Audacious At Tramlines Festival

If you end up reading a lot of our posts i imagine you’ll have noticed by now that we’re always saying how excited we are about this and that. I’m a bit concious of over using it myself, but if we’re honest. Excited is little more than what we are at the moment about all the stuff we’re involved in and the thrill of seeing our ideas come into reality is all we’re living for right now.

So it’s with this use of redundant language that i’ll begin to tell you about our plans for Tramlines festival in Sheffield this year. If you know nothing about it at all, then get ready for a shock cos it’s pretty damn sweet.

Tramlines is a free music festival based in Sheffield that, in one way or another, pretty much covers the entire city by the end of the week ending 22nd-24th July. Utilising every known venue, art space, club, square and blade of grass in it wake, it’s grown bigger and bigger and looks like blowing apart the mould again this time around.

Last year we didn’t have too much involvement. Wooderson played a corker at the Frog And Parrot, only to bezz off on the rest of their UK tour, leaving the rest us with little more than our street beers for company. This year things are gonna be a lot different though.

On Friday the 22nd July we’ve got the Red House on Solly Street all to ourselves and will be losing our nuts to the sounds of RUNNERS, CLECKHUDDERSFAX, BILGE PUMP, WOODERSON and BHURGEIST. It’ll all kick off around 8pm, with Djs before and after and guess what? It’s totally FREE! Stage times for this mother are as follows…

Bhurgeist – 8:30
Wooderson – 9:15
Bilge Pump – 10:00
Runners – 10:45

Also on the same night (if you’d prefer a more chilled out affair) at the Showroom Cinema you’ll be able to see none other than ALGIERS, HORSES, ELK and NICE for exactly the same price. We’re still waiting for more info on this but we’ll let you know in good time.

After all that we’ll be spending the Saturday recovering behind a massive distro stall and info desk at Uneven Blondes alldayer at The Bowery on Division Street. We’ll have all our latest records available, as well as info about all we’re up to and planning for the next year. It promises to be a perfect weekend.

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