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Audacious Podcast 4

You’ll have to excuse us this month. It seems we didn’t quite get it together to sort out the podcast for its usual date. Don’t fear because it’s here anyway and as my nan apparently said once, ‘it’s better late than not bothering to bother.”

This month it’s back to basics as we move inland from the scent of Cleethorpes seafront and broadcast from the comfort of our armchairs with a few beers and a large margarita with olives. As Luke Twyman says, ‘the only thing better than a margarita is a margarita with olives.” It’s a rule I try to live my life by.

On this podcast you can hear tracks by Plaids, Kill Yourself, Housewives, Love Hurts and Flatlands. We also hammer out the entire Galaxians/BodyBeat split double A-side single and fire off the full 13 minutes of Trans/Human’s opening track to their fresh as hell new record. As if that’s not enough bang for your buck Joey The Snake Man calls in to offer some sage advice. Basically, business is booming down at the Audacious HQ and there’s a smorgasbord of news, tunes, beats and riffs condensed into this weeks Lincolnshire sausage shaped podcast. Go on then…

The Audacious Podcast #4 by The Audacious Art Experiment on Mixcloud

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