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Mend This Tear – I Choose To Live The Question EP

  4 friends from Peterborough formed the band in 1999. The bands intentions were many and mixed but fundamentally we all enjoyed hardcore punk music. We loved to go and see hardcore bands play live and we loved to rock out. With this in mind we wanted to create music with that similar energy and intensity. Jay and Gav, amongst others, ran Positive Outlook Records and released the first EP ‘Concept and Theory’ Read on

Why the Occupy Movement could be the most important thing you ever do.

This Saturday, Oct 15th the world is being asked to occupy as many financial institutions as possible. In every city, in every country. But why? And how will this change anything anyway? Let me start with a brief explanation on what's led up to this momentous occasion. Most of you will know all of this but it sets the scene. Starting in reverse order; so-called “austerity measures” are being forced upon us Read on
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Mend This Tear – Concept & Theory EP

"I wish I could bring them back for just one day, just to say goodbye" I've heard that phrase quite a few times in my life now, in reference to a loved one that has passed away, and it has always made me feel sad that such a wish can never be realised. But on October the 7th 2011...I actually get to do it. Obviously I'm not bringing anyone back from the dead, but I do get to revive a time - my most favourite Read on

UK Riots? Perhaps it’s your fault

There have been so many things to talk about with the recent UK riots. The large financial costs and emotional damage to small businesses, the fear that so many people must have felt, the outlandish claims of 'media professionals', pressures on the emergency services and not to mention the awful deaths. But, what has shocked and worried me the most is the reaction of the majority of my 'friends'. Now when I put friends Read on

Tell me; what you gonna do now?

Ah, the mindless ramblings of Fred Durst in the infamous song Rollin', how I miss those days. The days when I myself was mindless too. Mindless with the aid of copious amounts of alcohol, dancing like a 90’s rave throwback trapped in a cling film wrap and really enjoying it. The local 'alternative' club facilitated all of this for me on whichever Saturday night I chose to be at my most hedonistic. It also afforded Read on