Hatched from a musical nest in Sunderland back in 2005 as an experimental side project the flock features members of Field Music, Razmatazz Lorry Excitement, Maximo Park, Coal Train & The Lake Poets to name just a handful.

Visually stimulating, masked and brightly colour co-ordinated, B>E>A>K have been generating anticipation and excitement amongst gig goers up and down the country.

The birds are currently in the middle of hatching a series of downloadable eggs called “The Life Of Birds”. Incubation is a slow process but you can hear the first few chicks below.

Part 1 of “The Life Of Birds” Released on the 1st March 2011
[wp_bandcamp_player ID=869348816 bgcol=FFFFFF link_color=9B4D99 size=venti]

Part 2 of “The Life Of Birds” Released on the 9th September 2011
[wp_bandcamp_player ID=988255753 bgcol=FFFFFF link_color=9B4D99 size=venti]

Part 3 of “The Life Of Birds” Released on the 27th April 2012
[wp_bandcamp_player ID=1685821773 bgcol=FFFFFF link_color=9B4D99 size=venti]

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