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Beat scientist

Solderboy has been keeping a low profile of late, which can only mean he’s either working away, researching new material or perhaps deeply involved in a particularly tricky Countdown Conundrum. Whichever it is i’m sure he’ll succeed and the results will be stupendous and mind boggling. One thing we can share with you for now is this little videotune, which is actually a success story in it’s own right.

Back around Christmas ’10, Solderboy was sat in his familiar portal postion, browsing his youtube channels and working on his tags and pingbacks. When all of a sudden, he discovered a competition to remix a song called “Willy Bum Bum” that had recently made it’s name on the shamefully engrossing yet teeth drying tv show ‘Rudetube’. The original makers of the song and video, which you can view here, offered a chance for the top 10 or so remixes to appear on iTunes in the future. Solderboy is always up for an internet mission so immediately dropped his bedroom yale and began bunsoning up a beat potion. Two sleepless nights later and the results obtained from the musical study confirmed, that although the original song featured cells that could be deemed as musically malignant but not benign. The newly developed remix was to be classed as a success and a major step forward towards scientific beat study in the open future.

Expect more test results from Solderboy soon.


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