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Blood Sport Journal No. 4 Download

After spending a nice summer down south mucking about, we’re pleased to announce that Blood Sport have finally got their latest EP completed and available for your ears.

Often billing themselves as Aggro-beat or afro-noise, it’s difficult to say which description means less or more. In my opinion genres are a dead duck, used simply as a marketing tool to file and pigeon hole bands into the correct shelf of saleability.

To me Blood Sport sound like little other bands i’ve ever heard. Diverse and pounding rhythms rumble away, shifting time often but always carrying a beat impossible not to move to. Weaving its way in between is an array of noodling and brain squelching guitar work. Sometimes heavy, other times plucky and jazzy, but tastefully and inspirationally manipulated by their use of effects and pedals.

They’ve definitely got clear influences. Sonic Youth, Daughters, Kinsella et al, the entire afro beat revival. But then who doesn’t want to be in a band like that? Putting it together in your own unique way is where Blood Sport get me going.

Journal No.4 is available for a pay want you want/free download HERE

It will also be available on limited edition cassette, with artwork by Dylan Hughes and screened by Josh Bedford of Wisdom Screen Printing, at the latest Audacious Space gig in Sheffield on Saturday the 22nd October for £4. After that you’ll be able to order one for £5 ppd.

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