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Casting A Pod Of New Music On The Nations Ear Drum


Well this is it, we’ve finally gone and done it. After years of muttering, umming and arring, we have put in the effort and produced our own radio show. Well, a podcast.

A few weeks back we decided to take it upon ourselves to organise our horrendously muddled record store by adding the prices and descriptions of the music. Why did we never do it before? This has worked wonders and already people have started frequenting and purchasing from our distro like never before. While organising we found thirty pieces of silver from our past and a thousand pearls from the bands who have strolled through the doors of Audacious. It only seemed right that we air the abundance of incredible and varied music we have locked up in our lock up.

The first podcast will be broadcast via Mixlr on Friday November 8, and anyone who isn’t familiar can sign on the dotted line here. If you refuse that then we will upload it for later streaming and download on Soundcloud.

Those of you who decide to tune in will be greeted by Nick Potter and his mate Loic Tuckey, contributors to TAAE and guitarists of Blood Sport and Che Ga Zebra, respectively. Their playlist will include music from out back-catalogue, the record store and live recordings of the Audacious Space. It will also feature all of our upcoming news. Hell, they might even throw in a jingle or two.

If you are not familiar with our record store then you can check out the distro on gig nights and have a listen. Failing that you can take a butchers at our slightly vague Limited Run page or brand new Bandcamp.

Although the show will focus mainly on the records we have in stock we are open to new music from around the globe. If you want us to hear it then send us in a copy to our HQ or email theaudaciousartexperiment AT gmail DOT COM

That’s all for now but check back to our Facebookfor updates about the show.

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