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AMRL v.2

Trans/Human – The AMRL v.2 {beta} Tour

In June of this year, Trans/Human slipped off on an expedition around eastern Europe, to conduct an AMRL tour that sought to gather more recordings for their archives. The Audacious Mobile Research Library (AMRL) is a Trans/Media environment where frequencies, signals, energies and other data is collected, manipulated and re-transmitted. On this trip, Trans/Human aimed to play impromptu open air performances and thanks Read on

Onwards, ever onwards

Well that was that. 6 months of organising, a years worth of funds and a decades collated friendships and emotions. All blown out of one of the sweetest sounding systems we've ever heard, by the most amazing bands we've ever seen, in a venue run by the most organised dudes in town. Massive thanks go out to everyone at CADS and all the mesmerising bands that played. Even bigger thanks go out to the many people that Read on

Open call out for potential new collective art space

Do you have an interest in art? Do you have an interest in spaces? Do you have an interest in art spaces? Do you like community? Do you like community spaces? Do you like community spaces that like art? Do you like being involved? Do you like being involved in community art spaces? If the answer to any of those questions is 'YES', then you should know that there's a group of people in Sheffield who are currently Read on

Two Thousand Pasts and Thirteen Futures

It's often a bit boring reading endless list posts about 'The best figs of 2012' or 'Top 10 songs i didn't pay for this year'. It's also stranger how a couple of weeks of cake, meat and booze, can send us leaping through time to a fictional new year. Where all kinds of new challenges await to test us, much like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap. As my good friend Adam pointed out last night though, if there has to be some Read on

You don’t need LSD to make Friends

Around a month ago now I went on a 6 week journey across the USA starting in Austin Texas and finishing in San Francisco. Accompanying me on this trip of a lifetime was my girlfriend and a Toyota Yaris, which between Lauren and myself we managed to rack up over 5000 miles worth of travelling on. We landed in Austin on the 25th of April with two tickets to Austin Psych Fest to see some of my favourite bands play Read on

New Trans/Human Record and Summer Dates

After bunkering up for most of the winter and slaving away at too many jobs, Trans/Human's winter hibernation has finally ended, as Tuesday sees them set off on a maiden voyage to France. They plan to stay and play for up to two weeks, enjoying some of the most beautiful country along the way. Whilst getting into all the trouble a cheap rental car, free booze and cheese baguettes can sustain. They return to the island Read on


In spring 2010 i went to America for 3 months and had a whale of a time. I managed to navigate east to west from New York to Seattle on the greyhound bus in just over a month and a half, without paying for a single place to stay. Thanks solely to some incredible folks i met along the way. Out of all the places i visited on that first leg out west, Chicago was my favourite. I stayed at a place called The Ball Hall, Read on

Inside the Catacombs of Paris

First of all, a disclaimer: this isn't dangerous if you're prepared. But nor is entirely safe. You have to be fully aware of what you're getting your self into. But anyway, everything that's fun has an element of risk. That's why it's fun. About: If you've not heard of the catacombs beneath Paris, then you might be heading to google right now. This isn't a morbid museum though. This is a network of disused quarries Read on