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Audacious Podcast #3

Another day, another Audacious Podcast. This week is a special one as we broadcast from the streets of Cleethorpes, visiting hotspots like Smiths Arcade, Cleethorpes Pier, Ernie Becketts chippy and the home of Grimsby Town FC, Blundell Park. This week you'll hear tracks from the likes of Elk, Container, Gum Takes Tooth, The Jelas, Nope and Facel Vega. As well as all this we also announce the long awaited results Read on
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New Release Aud#24 – Corner Control – EP

So this is my favourite part - we've got a new release coming up from The Audacious Art Experiment, and it's a blinder. Corner Control are a live electronics duo that were born out of the University of Sheffield's Small Ideas alternative music society and late-night party Small Decks, and they've produced a glossy, MIDI soaked record that we just had to lend a hand with. It's got a cold space disco sound, with Read on

No Signs of Repair Recordings

We've uploaded the two sound pieces from our 'No Signs Of Repair' exhibition to our soundcloud. The first one by Darryl Peat is a binaural recording intended to be listened to through headphones. The imboredofbastards piece is a field recording of Bramhall Lane on matchday, with interviews conducted on the more in Sheffield about the regeneration of Sheffield. That one tends to sound best in the garden, being played Read on

Inside the Catacombs of Paris

First of all, a disclaimer: this isn't dangerous if you're prepared. But nor is entirely safe. You have to be fully aware of what you're getting your self into. But anyway, everything that's fun has an element of risk. That's why it's fun. About: If you've not heard of the catacombs beneath Paris, then you might be heading to google right now. This isn't a morbid museum though. This is a network of disused quarries Read on

You’re so shit it’s unbelievable!

Last saturday i woke up in a completely blacked out room, which was an unusual experience as my bedroom generally doesn't have a curtain. After getting over the immediate throws of "Where the fuck am i?" and "Am i alone?" i realised i was down our practice space. I'd fled there the night before to get some well earned rest and alone time, from the predictable weekend chaos that is the squat i choose to live in. Once Read on