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New Release AUD#31 – King Capisce

We are delighted, thrilled and grateful to announce another new Audacious release. Just when we thought we couldn't squeeze any more into our summer schedule we blew open our calender once more to shove the new King Capisce album in your face. The Future Cannot Be Born Yet, It Is Waiting For The past To Die, is the Sheffield chaps second album and a follow up to their first. These guys have been rehearsing Read on

The Sonicks Ov Magick – Fuse Art Space

Following on from the inaugural celebration of the academic and intuitive crossroads of contemporary performance magick in Leicester, The State of Magick is pleased to announce a single day symposium being held in Bradford this Sunday 31st August. Fuse Art Space plays host to an eclectic mix of artists whose work utilises a praxis that sits within the realms of the esoteric and the mystical; at intersections where Read on

The OptoPhonic Workshop – Tramlines Festival Fringe

New Sheffield-based experimental music and filmmaking collective Peak Signal 2 Noise are holding their inaugural mini-festival The OptoPhonic Workshop on Sat 26th July at The Montgomery Theatre Studio - a one day mini-fest of workshops, instrument building, improvisations and sonic experimentations… Nested within the city-wide Tramlines festival, this Arts Council funded fringe event aims to draw in adventurous Read on
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ACTS presents The Fish Police at Broomhall Centre, 6th April

AUDACIOUS COMMON THREAD SOCIALS (ACTS) and CONSTANT FLUX is very very VERY proud to present... SUNDAY 6th APRIL @ BROOMHALL CENTRE, SHEFFIELD An open, inclusive and integrated event featuring bands from the Learning Disabilities and Sheffield DIY music scenes. THE FISH POLICE Combining surreal pop imagery with glitched beats and a strong visual aesthetic creating their own unique blend of electronic left-field Read on

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät & Zombie Crash UK Tour 2013

Take a minute to read up on the full tour info for the incredible Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät and Zombie Crash, which kicks off next week in London on October 1st. TAAE have come together with Tye Die Tapes and Common Thread to bring this awesome tour to Sheffield later in the week, but credit really needs to slide directly to Richard Phoenix of Sauna Youth, who started the community interest group 'Constant Flux' Read on
the beast

New Release Aud#22 – What Girls Want by Che Ga Zebra

Following in the tradition of record labels releasing records we have gone ahead and produced yet another one for our collection. This time it is in the shape of two zebras and we couldn't be more excited to finally unleash this mild-mannered beast upon you, the members of the generally general public. These songs by Audacious residents, Che Ga Zebra, have been floating around our HQ for some time now and have Read on

Onwards, ever onwards

Well that was that. 6 months of organising, a years worth of funds and a decades collated friendships and emotions. All blown out of one of the sweetest sounding systems we've ever heard, by the most amazing bands we've ever seen, in a venue run by the most organised dudes in town. Massive thanks go out to everyone at CADS and all the mesmerising bands that played. Even bigger thanks go out to the many people that Read on

Audacious 10th Anniversary Weekend

Behold. Our little baby Audacious has finally grown up and reached its 10th Birthday. In celebration of this we will be throwing a weekend party in the only way we know how - by putting on as many bands as possible in various awesome locations in the fair city of Sheffield. The first of which will be held at our beloved HQ and will feature a selection of in house bands and pals, who have not only played and practiced Read on

Listen to Audacious Live On Mixlr

We at TAAE have been big fans of Mixlr ever since our friend Bestie brought it to our attention last year, yet we've never really got round to figuring it out properly. For those that don't know, Mixlr is a website that allows you to stream and broadcast live internet radio shows, created by Mixlr account holders themselves. You can broadcast off iTunes and Soundlcoud playlists (or any sound coming out of your laptop Read on

Upcoming Gigs and Mailing List

In light of Facebook royally doing every single non profit and community lead page over this month, we're gonna try and keep you up to date with our gigs via the trusty old website. In addition to sharing this page around your personal feed, now might finally be the time to sign up to our mailing list, so you can get the juice without having to leave the comfort of your inbox. Just whack your email in the box on the Read on