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The Audacious Podcast #5

Here's the latest installment of The Audacious Podcast, which was recorded on 13/3/14. It features all the latest news and gigs between March and early April, an interview with the guys from MADE who put on post rock alldayers in Sheffield. As well as the usual blast of new releases, stuff from our distro and other things we're just really really into. Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Tracklist: 1. Doe - Let Me in 2. Read on
old studio

Audacious Podcast 2

Following on from last months first attempt at a podcast we have gone right ahead and done another. Co-hosted by Loic Tuckey and Luke Twyman, down at the Audacious HQ, the chaps blaze through a bunch of records from the distro and whip out some exclusive new tunes from the Audacious Womb. Those of you who listened in last time got the full range of DIY punk, hardcore, lo-fi garage and increasingly fresh experimental Read on

Join us! We need fresh brains

JOIN US! The Audacious Art Experiment is looking for new people to join its creative hub and practice space, The Audacious Space. If you're interested in finding somewhere to collaborate with other musicians, practice your own craft and get involved in the running of an established DIY label and promotions gang, this is for you. We've got a nice big room to practice in, a lab fully kitted out for electronics tinkering, Read on

Two Thousand Pasts and Thirteen Futures

It's often a bit boring reading endless list posts about 'The best figs of 2012' or 'Top 10 songs i didn't pay for this year'. It's also stranger how a couple of weeks of cake, meat and booze, can send us leaping through time to a fictional new year. Where all kinds of new challenges await to test us, much like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap. As my good friend Adam pointed out last night though, if there has to be some Read on

Upcoming Gigs and Mailing List

In light of Facebook royally doing every single non profit and community lead page over this month, we're gonna try and keep you up to date with our gigs via the trusty old website. In addition to sharing this page around your personal feed, now might finally be the time to sign up to our mailing list, so you can get the juice without having to leave the comfort of your inbox. Just whack your email in the box on the Read on

Distro restocked and free Audacious record with every order!

It's been a busy autumn for us so far, especially with our record fair gig last weekend and the rising amount of orders creeping our way. Feels ace to be distributing records again, like the glory days of '04 - 05' when Luke had his record shop in Grimsby. This month we've got a few treats in store for you. Added a bunch of stuff from the glorious Gringo Records of Nottingham, as well as a few bits and bobs from Read on

Audacious Radio #2 Download

Uploaded friday nights white knuckle radio show from us for streaming/free download. Me and Adam turned up to the Sheffield live studio with only minutes to spare before we were supposed to be on, only to get a call saying the presenter couldn't make it and could we do it ourselves? We said YES! and after a quick run through of the controls and a nervous spew in the bogs we we're ready. The show features songs Read on

Summats To Do #1

A while back, we used to offer up bi-weekly or monthly notes on our facebook, to keep you informed of all the vast amount of mint stuff going on in Sheffield. It was before we got our snazzy website and most of us had jobs we actually liked and wanted to work hard at. In between this time we've also become a lot more active as a label/collective ourselves so haven't ever really found the time to keep up to date with Read on

You Live and Learn

Winter for me has always been a time of hard graft, learning and patience. Having never been to university myself, I always felt a pang of jealously for the way in which my scholarly friends time, subjects of study and deadlines was laid out and organised for them, right from the beginning of september. They learnt by day and played at night and always had the summer off, safe in the knowledge that someone would generally Read on

If It’s Too Loud, Turn It Down

My tinnitus is on the up and it doesn't look like it's going to stop, which is a great shame. I've lost count of the amount of times i've said to myself "You know kid, all these gigs and long walks through the woods at night, listening to Wolf Eyes full blast. They're gonna catch up with you're ears one day and you'll be stuck listening to feedback and screeching tape loops forever". Or something to that affect anyway, Read on