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Spot That Difference

Well that’s just about the year over and done with. Twenty thir-fucking-teen. A fruitful year down at the Audacious HQ it has to be said. We’ve packed the place out with records from ZA! Cowtown, Amorous Dialogues/Etai Keshiki, Che Ga … Continue reading

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P A N D E M I C !

PANDEMIC! Saturday 5th – 12th November EVENT LINK HERE Pandemic has begun its spread and it’s expected to get serious. An infectious programme of events is under construction; details of which will be released very shortly. It will include visual … Continue reading

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No Signs of Repair Recordings

We’ve uploaded the two sound pieces from our ‘No Signs Of Repair’ exhibition to our soundcloud. The first one by Darryl Peat is a binaural recording intended to be listened to through headphones. The imboredofbastards piece is a field recording … Continue reading

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Inside the Catacombs of Paris

First of all, a disclaimer: this isn’t dangerous if you’re prepared. But nor is entirely safe. You have to be fully aware of what you’re getting your self into. But anyway, everything that’s fun has an element of risk. That’s … Continue reading

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It’s a hard squat life

John says it’s not Josh’s squat or ramp, but this video is still mint and will give you something to do. It’s a hard squat life. More BMX Videos Read on

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im bored of bastards

imboredofbastards is a tumblr that blends personal photography, mixed inspiration, music and self loathing and you should add it up. Thats if idling your time away looking at an endless supply of internet imagery is your thing of course. imboredofbastards

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