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TAAE Annual Stakeholder Audit 2015

Amidst the growing national awareness that DIY is not just a term for fixing one’s house, The Audacious Art Experiment spent a busy 2014 not fixing its house (except the urinals) and getting on with far more interesting things. One of them being the eyeopener we're able to (partly) tell you about today. On the Monday morning of January 26th, a big memo is due to hit the desks of everyone working at Good Taste Corporation Read on

New Release AUD#32 – Jim Ghedi – Destroy All Your Earthly Possessions

Since joining Audacious Space in 2012, Jim Ghedi has been a constant source of enigmatic joy and inspiration for us all. Often taking up the bulk of the more lackluster daytime slots in our booking doc, there was rarely a day down there where you wouldn't expect him to suddenly burst through the door, followed by a gang of tweedy minstrels and begin humming an ecstatic mass that would last for hours on end. It was Read on

New release: Sagan, by Spandril (AUD029)

Resident Audacious electronician Spandril has returned with a brand new physical release. Sagan was recorded late in the dark dark night during TAAE's tenth birthday celebrations last year. It's a slowly unfolding 22 minute voyage consisting of bass-heavy drones, bleeps, rattles, scrapings and heavily saturated organic textures; more blisteringly raw and yet more developed than Spandril's previous release "22/7". [bandcamp Read on

New Release AUD#28 – Nope – Walker

As if by magic, we will be releasing a brand new and totally incredible album by Nope, in time for their UK tour in June. Walker is the second album by Leeds/Bradford quartet Nope, progressing the themes and aesthetic of 2012’s highly-praised debut Revision. Featuring members of That Fucking Tank, Hookworms, Cowtown and Mucky Sailor, Nope's latest piece shreds on a million more levels than anything before, with Read on

New Release AUD#26 – Trans/Human – The (UN)Expected

At long last we can finally bring you the latest release from TAAE's very own frequency analyzers, Trans/Human. Recorded over one weekend in the winter of 2012 at Audacious Space by Ben Hunter and mastered by Cam Deas, The (UN)Expected LP is Trans/Human’s first work to be committed to wax and its a piece we're really proud to deliver. With the use of a clothing rail and extended table, Trans/Human hung and piled Read on

January clear out – 50% off everything

Eeeeeeeeeee it's January and everyone's skint. You've spent the last month, buying loads of crap no one needs for people you don't even like and drinking yourself blue in consolation. Nice one. If that wasn't enough, every shit house shop on the high street is now trying to convince you to part with even more bank digits, for stuff you won't need until next year. That's where our 50% sale comes in. You need Read on

Blood Sport – Album streaming now

Blood Sport have been part of The Audacious Art Experiment womb for over 2 years now, and were early recruits to the now ultra-blossoming Audacious Space. Unfortunately the tape we released with them (AUD#17) has now sold out, but that's ok, as they've been busy. They spent 2012 concocting 6 tracks of noisy afro-beat madness in the Audacious Space, and now the product of all this is finally with us, so we thought we'd Read on

Join us! We need fresh brains

JOIN US! The Audacious Art Experiment is looking for new people to join its creative hub and practice space, The Audacious Space. If you're interested in finding somewhere to collaborate with other musicians, practice your own craft and get involved in the running of an established DIY label and promotions gang, this is for you. We've got a nice big room to practice in, a lab fully kitted out for electronics tinkering, Read on

Onwards, ever onwards

Well that was that. 6 months of organising, a years worth of funds and a decades collated friendships and emotions. All blown out of one of the sweetest sounding systems we've ever heard, by the most amazing bands we've ever seen, in a venue run by the most organised dudes in town. Massive thanks go out to everyone at CADS and all the mesmerising bands that played. Even bigger thanks go out to the many people that Read on