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New Release AUD#28 – Nope – Walker

As if by magic, we will be releasing a brand new and totally incredible album by Nope, in time for their UK tour in June. Walker is the second album by Leeds/Bradford quartet Nope, progressing the themes and aesthetic of … Continue reading

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New Release AUD#26 – Trans/Human – The (UN)Expected

At long last we can finally bring you the latest release from TAAE’s very own frequency analyzers, Trans/Human. Recorded over one weekend in the winter of 2012 at Audacious Space by Ben Hunter and mastered by Cam Deas, The (UN)Expected … Continue reading

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January clear out – 50% off everything

Eeeeeeeeeee it’s January and everyone’s skint. You’ve spent the last month, buying loads of crap no one needs for people you don’t even like and drinking yourself blue in consolation. Nice one. If that wasn’t enough, every shit house shop … Continue reading

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Blood Sport – Album streaming now

Blood Sport have been part of The Audacious Art Experiment womb for over 2 years now, and were early recruits to the now ultra-blossoming Audacious Space. Unfortunately the tape we released with them (AUD#17) has now sold out, but that’s … Continue reading

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Join us! We need fresh brains

JOIN US! The Audacious Art Experiment is looking for new people to join its creative hub and practice space, The Audacious Space. If you’re interested in finding somewhere to collaborate with other musicians, practice your own craft and get involved … Continue reading

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Onwards, ever onwards

Well that was that. 6 months of organising, a years worth of funds and a decades collated friendships and emotions. All blown out of one of the sweetest sounding systems we’ve ever heard, by the most amazing bands we’ve ever … Continue reading

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Two Thousand Pasts and Thirteen Futures

It’s often a bit boring reading endless list posts about ‘The best figs of 2012′ or ‘Top 10 songs i didn’t pay for this year’. It’s also stranger how a couple of weeks of cake, meat and booze, can send … Continue reading

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New Elk Song Sampler

The mysterious Elk have finally put up some of their latest work online for streaming. Recorded, as usual, with Karl Sveinsson of Queens Ark Audio in Manchester. The new tunes sees them add variety of new instruments to their sound, … Continue reading

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Upcoming Gigs and Mailing List

In light of Facebook royally doing every single non profit and community lead page over this month, we’re gonna try and keep you up to date with our gigs via the trusty old website. In addition to sharing this page … Continue reading

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Lawson, Denton & Twyman featured on Electronic Musik Comp

A couple of weekends ago, some of the Audacious residents gathered at the space for a days worth of jamming and musical adventure. One of the pieces recorded has made it onto the latest installment of the ‘Output’ internet compilations, … Continue reading

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