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P A N D E M I C !

PANDEMIC! Saturday 5th – 12th November EVENT LINK HERE Pandemic has begun its spread and it’s expected to get serious. An infectious programme of events is under construction; details of which will be released very shortly. It will include visual art, music, performance, talking and whatever else you want to happen. There is plenty of space for you to take part in and become PANDEMIC, and anyone can Read on

Why the Occupy Movement could be the most important thing you ever do.

This Saturday, Oct 15th the world is being asked to occupy as many financial institutions as possible. In every city, in every country. But why? And how will this change anything anyway? Let me start with a brief explanation on what's led up to this momentous occasion. Most of you will know all of this but it sets the scene. Starting in reverse order; so-called “austerity measures” are being forced upon us Read on

UK Riots? Perhaps it’s your fault

There have been so many things to talk about with the recent UK riots. The large financial costs and emotional damage to small businesses, the fear that so many people must have felt, the outlandish claims of 'media professionals', pressures on the emergency services and not to mention the awful deaths. But, what has shocked and worried me the most is the reaction of the majority of my 'friends'. Now when I put friends Read on

Inside the Catacombs of Paris

First of all, a disclaimer: this isn't dangerous if you're prepared. But nor is entirely safe. You have to be fully aware of what you're getting your self into. But anyway, everything that's fun has an element of risk. That's why it's fun. About: If you've not heard of the catacombs beneath Paris, then you might be heading to google right now. This isn't a morbid museum though. This is a network of disused quarries Read on

Half a chance to f**k it up

It was pretty much well over a year and half ago, maybe more, that Jim and i first spoke about releasing another record together. Leaning up against a spearmint silver hatchback in The Broomhall Centre's car park, we quaffed over days gone by. Of Jesus Years tours with Andy, Glenn & Ritch, which systematically took in new towns and scenes, if only to see what their local fry up had to offer and do a review for our Read on

You’re so shit it’s unbelievable!

Last saturday i woke up in a completely blacked out room, which was an unusual experience as my bedroom generally doesn't have a curtain. After getting over the immediate throws of "Where the fuck am i?" and "Am i alone?" i realised i was down our practice space. I'd fled there the night before to get some well earned rest and alone time, from the predictable weekend chaos that is the squat i choose to live in. Once Read on

Hey man! Remember when?

Nostalgia is the cancer of tomorrow, strangulating our spontaneity. Cementing the fact, that, whilst all we do is look back in awe and sorrow, at the wild days gone by, new tales will never be told, our lives will no longer be lived. I was there all those years ago. Play me a chord i haven't heard, sing me a song you've never sung. Show me what you learnt TODAY, or i set sail for Mars tomorrow. Read on