COWTOWN (est. summer 2005) are an ever evolving post-punk three piece from LEEDS consisting of Jonathan Nash on guitar/vocals (RUNNERS/NOPE/HOOKWORMS), David Michael Shields on drums (MONSTER KILLED BY LASER) and founding member Hilary Knott on synthesizers/vocals.

They began life as a bizarre grungy noise duo before succumbing to the influence of late 70’s/early 80’s punk, post-punk, new wave (Devo, B52’s, Pere Ubu, Walls Of Voodoo, ESG, Liquid Liquid, Black Flag, Minutemen, Tom Tom Club etc) and the soundtracks that galvanized their earliest listening experiences (Teenwolf, Karate Kid, Gremlins, Beverley Hills Cop, Ghostbusters etc). Couple that with an obsessive fascination with They Might Be Giants (which explains away their namesake) and you have some idea of what to expect from the trio.

April 1st 2013 saw us release their 3rd album entitled ‘Dudes vs. Bad Dudes’, which the band recorded with Hookworm Matt Johnson at SBRBN Home last spring (with the exception of ‘Monotone Face’ recorded earlier in the year with Ross Halden at Ghost Town). The only physical copies are solid wax vinyl discs though it can also be obtained in cyberspace.




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