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DIY Record and Zine Fair Featuring Sauna Youth + more

Gigs are cool, but gigs with other stuff going on at the same time are even better. That’s why we decided we needed to mix it up a bit and open up the space for something we’ve been wanting to do for a while. A true Audacious and Tye Die Tapes Sunday social special.

Sunday 28th of October will see us host our first ever DIY record and zine fare, featuring stalls from some of the UK’s best DIY labels, as well as tonnes of zine publishers and writers from all over the place.

Not only that, but in tradition with the space we will also have a load of incredible bands playing in the back room throughout the day. We are proud to tell you that these bands will be none other than…


SAUNA YOUTH – London low-fi punk sensations, supporting the release of the new ‘Dreamlands’ record, Out September 4th on the ever inspiring Gringo Records.


COLD PUMA’S – Psychedelic freak out dance ensemble, bring their weird and wonderful repetitive guitar shreeks to the space. Sounds a bit like an explosion in a banshee factory on a cold Russian morning.


WOODERSON – Well whadd’ya know. In case you’ve been living with you head buried in a West Street bin for the last few months, you might have noticed that Sheffield’s pride and joy have a new album out. If you didn’t and you haven’t got it yet, then you’ll not only be able to buy a copy at this, (which they’re calling their official release show) but you’ll be able to see them playing the whole fucking thing in full. In the immortal words of GTFC’s Rob Scott. “If you don’t like it, don’t facking come!”


THE JELAS – Bristol has lots of great things about it these days and these guys are one of them. Strange and twisted, mathy indie punk that reminds us of fIREHOSE, Deerhoof and Submission Hold.


THE BELL PEPPERS – Incredible garage surf outfit from Manchester, who recently turned up to a gig at the space on a whim and ended up getting spannered and sleeping on the floor. We thought it was only right that they should play for us next time they came.


COLLIDER – James and Adam from Tye Die’s new band. Rumour has it the lads from Pjaro now play with them too. They play lo-fi indie punk and really like ginger beer.


We’re yet to figure out how much we’re gonna have to ask for this, as there’s a lot to consider. But £5-7 is starting to sound pretty good to us, considering it’ll be on all day and fuck all else happens on a Sunday.

Oh yeah, they’ll probably be some ace food for sale too.


Sunday 28th October 2012
Audacious Space, Harwood Street (Off Bramall Lane)

Doors 12 noon.
Band times to be confirmed.


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