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Elk: The Movie

You might think that having every member of your band residing in different corners of the country would make life a little difficult. I’ve spent the last five years myself just trying to cobble together a group, consisting of people who either live on the same street as me or even my own house. For the hotly tipped ‘migratory champion of 2011’ Elk however, travelling around, arriving at gigs seperatly and practicing when and whenever seems not to be a problem. Having played a fantastic gig in Nottingham’s Spanky Van Dykes last weekend, Elk are setting off towards Sheffield for the Audacious gig on Saturday 22nd Jan with Coal Train, Serious Sam Barrett and Eagulls at the Red House. Upon arrival at the graving round i’m sure they’ll find the rest of herd accommodating and the green pastures plentiful.

Follow the link below to watch some bass heavy videos of their nottingham gig and as always, links to download their EP.


*photo by Anjali Wierny*

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