Elk are very much a new band, made out of a few tattered old hats. Originally formed in 2010 from the break up of math-jazz pioneers Andy, Glenn and Ritch, each stitch of these poor boys creative lives has carefully and maticulously been unpicked, the various components of which (brim, ribbon, cardboard, wicker, whatever) were sent back to the factories in Luton and Stockport and largely forgotten about.

For months on end they practiced their art in a secret location. Some say it was a disused pigment factory in Lincolnshire, once famed for it’s ability to make the natural resource known as ‘white’. Others hark at this and state they’ve merely been ‘dossing’ in a ramshackle unit off the A180, with only Super Nintendo and cans of Tennents for inspiration.

During this early era Elk played a handful of gigs and released two EPs, before starting the process that created Herd Songs with Karl Sveinsson of Queens Ark Audio. The songs were written on trains, motorways and in neon-lit industrial spaces between Manchester, London and Grimsby on time stolen from other affairs.


Herd Songs, released on 25th May 2015 as 250 copies of 12″ vinyl (AUD034)

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First Love, released on 22nd April 2011 as 250 copies of 7″ vinyl (AUD015)

Reading Habits, released in 2010 as a free download.




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