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Featuring a cross section our current favourite Punk\, Experimental\, Indie and Bangers. \nBUY TICKETS HERE\nResident Advisor – Day + Weekend Tickets\nParty For The People – Day + Weekend Tickets\n\nFriday 9th sees Adrena Adrena and DUDS jostle for places between Esya\, Duck and Clemency.\nWhilst Saturday 10th offers up Hyperstition Duo (ex Blood Sport)\, Ganglions\, KAPUTT and Naguals\, going head to head with Housewives\, Container and an as yet unlocked character.\n\nContainer \nContainer is the stripped-down\, beat-oriented electronic project of Ren Schofield\, who sculpts vicious punk sonics into raw jackhammer rhythms. \n‘His crunchy beats\, low-tech decay and fist-pumping zeal have struck a chord with an electronic dance music scene that is once again craving techno that is hard\, heavy and elemental‘ — Resident Advisor \n \nHousewives \nHousewives are a genreless band from London who play experimental music that points to the future. Using prepared guitars\, expansive electronics\, percussion and saxophone they create an enveloping sound often using odd time signatures and antithetical song structures. Their kinetic live sets have cemented their reputation as one of the most exciting live bands in Europe; championed by the likes of Tom Ravenscroft (6 Music)\, Radio 3 Late Junction and pioneering experimental musician Charles Hayward. They join the likes of Liars\, Animal Collective and The Knife at the forefront of forward looking music this decade \n \nAdrena Adrena \nAdrena Adrena is a collaboration between visual artist Daisy Dickinson and drummer E-Da Kazuhisa\, previously the drummer of the Japanese noise band Boredoms and currently British electronic/post-rock band Seefeel (Rephlex\, Warp Records). \nThe duo cut a raw blend of drums\, noise and organic visual work\, featuring in their performances an eight foot white sphere that hangs above Kazuhisa’s drum kit and which Dickinson maps videos on to; her work was described by William Barns-Graham of Fluid Radio as ‘cosmological and transcendental\, drawing attention to the wonder of the earth and our sensuality on it’. \n \nDUDS\nThe latest release from D.U.D.S. is a deepening of the sinister sonic territory they have been exploring\, in various forms\, since they formed. Bass lines and percussion lope through the undergrowth while jagged guitars pierce the ears. Then there’s the brass section\, which works less as a means of driving home a song’s point\, than as a warning that whatever comes next is unlikely to be anything you expect. Lyrics are still somewhat hard to make out\, emerging from the rhythmic chaos at intervals\, as though you were listening to the recording of an Old Testament prophet\, preaching from the ruins of the twenty first century. I don’t know what kind of band D.U.D.S. are supposed to be. There are labels you could apply to them\, terms like ‘wave’ and ‘punk’ with various prefixes designed to qualify the fact that they don’t really sound like anyone else. Immediate makes that fact all the more obvious and all the more compelling. \n \nKAPUTT \nKAPUTT are from Glasgow. They are made up from members of this city’s finest bands: Breakfast Muff\, Spinning Coin\, Rapid Tan\, Lush Purr\, Bellybuttons and The Yawns. They are very excellent. \n \nEŞYA \nEşya is a new solo project from Ayşe Hassan (Savages/Kite Base)\, an unsettling\, beat driven\, and wonky exploration of alternate personas. Transgressing comfort zones by experimenting with the complex and contradictory ideas that can exist within one person. An industrial pop existential exploration. \nHer self-released debut EP Absurdity of Being\, is the first in a series of releases exploring the myriad manifestations of selfhood through a whirlwind of FM and analog synths\, drum machines and for the first time on record\, her vocals. Incorporating sounds and visuals she has recorded whilst touring with Savages in various countries over the last 6 years. \n \nClemency \nA Manchester via Sheffield transplant since last year\, Clemency earnestly reflects her past and present. Taking influence from her beginnings in the power electronics and noise scene\, her sound touches on a variety of club genres\, bottling the dark components of grime\, techno\, footwork\, and ballroom with a generous topping of rap and familiar pop. She sandwiches sweet lullabies and anthemic lyrics with unsettling beats and unconventional musical backdrops\, uniting noir and twisted emotions with frenetic percussion and beatless moments of grandeur. \n \nHYPERSTITION DUO\nSummoning egregors of the anthropocene\, HYPERSTITION DUO plunge deep to deliver a maximalist collective immersion into their own lysergic phonosphere. Lurching\, polyrhythmic pathways crumble and re-assemble; elastic dynamics snap; propulsion sparks from the nerve-centre of machine and corporeal entanglement. Featuring ex-members of Blood Sport\, templexing\, möbius loops and cybernetic subjectivities abound in an attempt to conjure escape vectors in a world of ubiquitous sound. \nGanglions \nMathy pop punk with Cork accents and a serious case of the jerky jangles. Together as a Yorkshire-based music group since early 2016\, Eimear O’Donovan (bass\, vocals)\, Brian Scally (drums\, vocals) and Chris Saywell (guitar\, vocals) have been making modest waves in the DIY scenes of their adopted cities of Sheffield and Leeds. \nThirsty by Ganglions \nDuck \nWonky synth/guitar noisepop from Sheffield/Leeds. \nFaceAche by Duck \nNaguals \nSheffield based post-punk psych garage\, blissfully noisy with manic vocals. \nDaisy Chains by Naguals \nLtd early bird tickets and day tickets are onsale now. \nListen to a playlist here. \n \nSmear it about:TweetShare on Tumblr URL: LOCATION:Picture House Social\, 383 Abbeydale Road\, Sheffield\, S. 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