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Fresh from acclaimed 7″ release with Mike Watt (The Minutemen, fIREHOSE) Howie is releasing his new album this year with The Audacious Art Experiment and we’re extremely excited about it.

Howie previously found fame with experimental Indie-Pop band Tattie Toes and has been striding out on his own for several years, acoustic bass in hand, walking boot on footstool. His music is deeply introspective, considered and full of glorious dynamic range. Listening to Howie feels like you’re setting the world to rights – and considering the hell-scape that we’re currently living in, it feels ever more necessary and important.

Howie has released two fantastic previous full lengths Friendly Demons (2013) and We Are In Repair (2014) via his own crowdfunding skills and close networks of fans. A regular performer in his Glasgow base, he has also toured the UK and Europe relentlessly over the last few years and recently spent five weeks in Japan, drifting from show to show like an acoustic bass bard.



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