Intravene is the solo musical project of Ross McLean (Detergents), who currently resides somewhere between West Yorkshire and West Berlin.

Recorded in 2015 by Ben Hunter (Sievehead, Nachthexen, Blood Sport) and finally seeing the light of day, the 3 song EP is crafted as an ode to the battle between the mundanity of life and the insanity of dreams. This debut cassette pulls from the early 90s sounds of British alt-rock/shoegaze as well as the darker and more experimental underbelly of the 80s Madrid Movida.

Released as a limited batch of one hundred tapes, featuring art collaboration between Ross McLean and Mark Buchanan of Meanwhile Press. The band’s only performance so far was a near legendary one off at Sheffield DIY Punk institution Lughole for their 2016 Noise Annoys festival, however some unique performances are currently being planned for Winter 2017.

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