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January clear out – 50% off everything


Eeeeeeeeeee it’s January and everyone’s skint. You’ve spent the last month, buying loads of crap no one needs for people you don’t even like and drinking yourself blue in consolation. Nice one.

If that wasn’t enough, every shit house shop on the high street is now trying to convince you to part with even more bank digits, for stuff you won’t need until next year.

That’s where our 50% sale comes in. You need to buy our records and we know you do, we feel awful sorry for you that your need is so overbearing. We can help. You see we need to sell records too, otherwise there wouldn’t be any money to make other records. That’s why we’re offering all our records and small distro stock at cost price throughout January.

You get loads of great new records at a cheap price and we get to go on pressing loads more great new records, throughout 2014.

Sound any good? Give it a go, discount comes off at the till.


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