Various things we’re into and remembered to add up. Feel free to post your own links in the comments section. As long as they’re not daft we’ll approve it for you in time.


A Middle Sex – Manchester based improv/noise band featuring jam downloads.
Runners – Leeds beat merchants.
Hairdryer Excommunication – Kev Petals noise jam and download blog.
Sexbeat – London based label, gig promoter and blog.
Klaus Kinski – Manchester based garage punk/noise/mess band. Sick.
Scratched Media – Grimsby based record label and gig promoters, keeping it real in the homeland.

John Ledger – Barnsley based visual artist, writer and thinker.

Magazines and blogs

Now Then Magazine – Flag ship independent press magazine in Sheffield, covering local issues, music and businesses.
Boombangblam – Music, fashion and a daily moustache.
Likembe – Incredibly informative african music blog.
imboredofbastards – Personal photography and mixed inspiration/self loathing.
I Could Die Tomorrow – Vast music blog featuring current US and European punk/hardcore releases with a huge archive of long out of print genre splitting records to download. Essential!
MOOVMNT – Underground soul, next-level hip hop, timeless music that massages your soul… regular updates = guaranteed good new music nearly every day.
Too Much Rad – Playful, eye bulging visual goodness from one of the most positive people the world ever created. RAD!
Joe Singleton Photography – Amazing street and human photography, one to keep your eye on.
Tropical Waste – Online space and radio show, pushing sick music, illustration and videos around south east London.

Art Spaces and galleries
Test Space – Non profit arts organisation in Leeds. Providing studios, exhibition spaces, gig venues and a cafe.

Recycle Bikes – Center in Sheffield for buying and fixing up recycled bikes.
Couchsurfing – Travel the world for free and meet mint people at the same time.
Footprint Workers Co-operative – Environmentally sound and co-operatively run zine/leaflet printers in Leeds.

DIY Space London – Fundraising group trying to establish a permanent DIY music and arts space in London.
Frack Off – British resistance to the fracked gas industry. IMPORTANTE!
The British Wildlife Trust – Cos wildife is ace.
Climate Rush – London based group taking direct action on climate change.

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  1. adam lond says:

    we are trying really hard to push this band and become success any time or anything you can do for us is appreciate it even if its just some feedback all we ask for is a reply we just need a chance to prove ourselves we really need to release our full ep/album that we are writing for at the moment and i know we can release something really godo. we are a very hard-working band and we really need to make this work hope you enjoy us and looking forward to your thoughts and reply .
    i have attached a you tube link to one of our tracks (currently shooting a music video) , couple of promotional photos , biography , our cd download link is also below and some reviews and futures we have received this year

    also any press related stuff you need email this guy


    From A City In Ruins

    Born out of the depleted industrial area of Grimsby, Lincs, From A City In Ruins stride forward with their mouthwatering mix of razor sharp and dynamic Alt-Rock. Brimming with raw passion and boundless energy, the youthful upstarts continue their ascent with a cluster of UK shows .

    With a flurry of influences ranging from the edgy post-hardcore sounds of Refused through to the atmospherics and artsy cool of Joy Division and The Cure, From A City Ruins have amassed a riveting sound that is laced with innovate ideas, peppered with hooky riffs and perfectly complimented by jagged guitars and off-kilter phrasing. The alt-rockers have locked their absorbing sound down to tape and it’s ideally showcased on their debut single “Fin! Fin! Fin!” which is also backed by the quite fantastical “Introverts”. With a full length album in the works and further touring in the pipeline, everything is slipping into place for the northern upstarts.

    FACIR have already racked up an impressive 200 plus shows during the past two years, including dates with the likes of general fiasco, Flood Of Red, the computers and This City, to name a few. With an increasing fanbase, further UK and European shows scheduled throughout 2011, with broad underground support already garnered, and having been touted by Rocksound Magazine as ones
    to watch, it’s evident that this industrious quartet show no signs of letting up!

    2011 reviews

  2. adam lond says:


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