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Listen: A Saif Mode Sermon – Night Flowers – Sleep (Remix)

Our resident dualist Marcionite Saif Mode has been a busy monk of late, performing various turns and takes on his modulated, philanthopic Gnosticism, at a number of venues across our fair city of Sheffield. Between these grand displays of mental opulence, he has also dedicated a vast amount of his study time, to rescribing and translating the works of other great artists. In this instance, Night Flowers from the parish of London and Humberside.

In a recent sermon, broadcast only to our organisation’s intranet but noted in dictation by brother Trubble Brewing, the great St Modulus depicts the moment divine inspiration struck him, providing the impetus to produce his latest piece.

“I sat in my confession box yesterday awaiting the usual sinners when I was approached by a disciple who at first glance seemed to be without sin.

“St Modulus, I confess I cannot sleep.”
“Oh!” replied I, somewhat impatiently. “Please come to my box only in sin, or else you waste my time!”
“But St Modulus, if I cannot sleep, how can I be without sin? Is not sleep the preserve of the innocent?”
“You poor, misguided soul. Is sleep really just for the innocent? Is sleep not also for the drunk? And what of insomnia? Is insomnia only for the sinner? Is insomnia not also for the weary and the anxious? For the troubled heart?”

Suddenly unburdened of worry, or perhaps simply exhausted from listening to my lengthy sermon, my disciple at that moment fell into a deep sleep and did not awake until cockcrow.

It was this occurrence that prompted me to accept a friend’s invitation to rework a song called Sleep by the rock band Night Flowers. Wonderful song though it is, it is in the end a rock-and-roll song and therefore full of sin. I was duty bound at that moment to strip the arrangement of all its worldliness until all that remained was immaculate newbornness. I hope I have at least partly achieved that aim.

So enjoy the remix, only listen to it in bed, and don’t forget to also listen to the original sin by Night Flowers.”

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