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 B>E>A>K – The White Edition
Mend This Tear – Choose To Live The Question
Amorous Dialogues – Demo 2012
Che Ga Zebra – Business Never Stops
Mend This Tear – Concept & Theory
B>E>A>K – The Yellow Edition
Wooderson – Demo 2011
Crash Of Rhinos – Distal
B>E>A>K – The Red Edition
Elk – Reading Habits

Wooderson – EP
Trade Winds – EP
Solderboy – How To Do It

Stand – True Romance EP

Field recordings

Ever since The Experiment commandeered a small industrial unit somewhere near Bramhall Lane some strange sounds have been floating through the streets of Sheffield. Feast on some of the highlights…

Buoys is one of the many alter ego’s of our favourite Adam Humphrey. He spends long hours in the room and regularly emerges with a completed track ready to rip. This is one of his latest.

New boys Horses are so garage that they have at least three dads working inside them at any given moment. Space echo sarnie.

Toucans is the brighter shade of Adam Humphrey’s split personality disorder. In this incarnation he writes the sunniest soul shaking tunes and popped this one out into the world just recently.

Trade Winds explore the outer reaches of our galaxy so that you don’t have to. We only just received this communication today, but since the boys are an estimated twelve lightyears away it would seem they broadcasted this signal a long time ago. Who knows what ungodly sounds they are creating right now…

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