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Mend This Tear – Concept & Theory EP | The Audacious Art Experiment | Get involved MENU

September 28, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 2308 Free downloads, Music, Releases, Uncategorized

Mend This Tear – Concept & Theory EP

“I wish I could bring them back for just one day, just to say goodbye”

I’ve heard that phrase quite a few times in my life now, in reference to a loved one that has passed away, and it has always made me feel sad that such a wish can never be realised.

But on October the 7th 2011…I actually get to do it.

Obviously I’m not bringing anyone back from the dead, but I do get to revive a time – my most favourite and treasured time – and bring it back to life for just one night, to say a proper goodbye.

I never got a chance the 1st time round, it all kinda just petered out, as things do, and before I knew it, a new chapter of my life had started.

This aforementioned time was the late 90’s/early 2000’s; the place was Peterborough and Positive Outlook records was what we were doing. We had a collective made up of many unique individuals, people who were excited about doing things for themselves and the DIY ethic that gives you so much more back when you put just a little in. We released records, we put on shows, we toured the UK and Europe, we had a market stall, we were political activists, fanzine writers, hunt saboteurs, old school punks and hardcore kids. Together, we felt like nothing could stop us. It was the most liberating and influential time of my life for so many reasons. I had the love, support and incomparable closeness of a lot of people that truly have been inspirational to me. I miss it, probably more than I’d like to admit.

On October 7th, Mend This Tear will be reforming for 1 night only to play at The Crown in Peterborough with HHH. Both bands were on Positive Outlook and both hailed from Peterborough. To celebrate that time and this one-off gig, The Audacious Art Experiment are re-releasing Mend This Tear’s EP ‘Concept & Theory’ on free download and also on CD for £3.00 + p&p. The latter also has extra significance for us; in 2005 Mend This Tear were supposed to record and release a new EP on Audacious with our new guitarist Ben Lane. Very sadly, before we even got to write many more new songs, Ben became ill and tragically, the last show Mend This Tear ever played was actually a memorial gig in his memory.

Usually, you don’t know at the time when one chapter in life is ending and another one is starting until you look back on it many years later. You don’t get the time to appreciate what you had or fully realise the end of something. By having this night, I get to celebrate what I/we had and give it the loving embrace and very thankful goodbye that it deserves – in a way that we never can for the amazing people we lose along the way.

Mend this Tear formed in 2001. The original line up was Gavin Smith (drums and vocals), David McRitchie (guitar and vocals), Michael Wright (guitar) and Daniel Chapman (bass and vocals). After recording ‘Concept & Theory’ Jay Gearing (me) joined the band as Dan was too busy shouting in HHH. The band’s sound was heavily influenced by a collective love of Refused, early As friends Rust, early Keepsake and Reiziger. The ethics of Mend This Tear comes through clearly in the lyrical content. Songs ranging form ‘My Street Leads Somewhere’ which is about the empowerment of the individual to change their world, to ‘Community’ – a song about the massacre of all people corrupted by power which in turn produces a just society.

If you’d like to get a copy of ‘Concept & Theory’ then please either buy a hard copy from HERE

or download a copy from here:

and you can like Mend This Tear here:

I’m afraid the gig mentioned above is ticket only and now sold out. We, unfortunately, cannot let anyone in without a ticket reference so please don’t make the long journey if you don’t have one – as you WILL end up disappointed!

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