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Mend This Tear – I Choose To Live The Question EP | The Audacious Art Experiment | Get involved MENU

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Mend This Tear – I Choose To Live The Question EP


4 friends from Peterborough formed the band in 1999. The bands intentions were many and mixed but fundamentally we all enjoyed hardcore punk music. We loved to go and see hardcore bands play live and we loved to rock out. With this in mind we wanted to create music with that similar energy and intensity. Jay and Gav, amongst others, ran Positive Outlook Records and released the first EP ‘Concept and Theory’ in 2001. We played shows up and down the UK often touring with other bands on Positive Outlook Records (Stand, HHH, Convinced) as well as other hardcore bands from the UK and Europe including Abjure and Caliban. We also did 4 small European tours with Convinced (twice), Stand and HHH. The band played the Goodlife Festival in Belgium in 2002. In 2003 the band disbanded due to various new commitments of the members.

Eight years later and our friend is getting married. For his stag-do a load of Peterborough bands reformed to play some old tunes together in a studio. It was a great day and after playing together again it reminded us of the fun we used to have being in the band. We always talk fondly of the adventures and experiences we had on tour, the people we met, the shows we played (some great, some awful) and the excitement that existed around the local scene at that time. These were really formative years of our lives. We started to talk about our newer songs we wrote but never recorded and come to the decision that we want to document them for our own enjoyment and get them recorded. We always thought they were our best songs. After trawling through some old video footage we managed to pick up the riffs, beats and some of the lyrics, while some had to be re-written. In November 2011 we recorded this 3-song EP – ‘Choose to live the question.’ Big thanks to our friend Mitch for doing the recording and making this possible.

We played a reunion show in Peterborough with HHH at The Crown after we heard the venue, where all the Peterborough hardcore shows used to be held, was to be knocked down. It was a pure and unadulterated nostalgia trip and it was great fun. While we don’t want to dwell in the past it was great to feel the same energy and intensity when we played these songs live again and it is this energy and intensity that we strive to create in all music and live shows in our future projects.

We hope you enjoy the temporary resurrection of Mend This Tear as much as we have. You can download the new EP HERE

(Article by Gav Smith)

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