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New Release Aud#22 – What Girls Want by Che Ga Zebra | The Audacious Art Experiment | Get involved MENU

June 12, 2013 Comments (0) Views: 2406 Gigs, Music, Releases

New Release Aud#22 – What Girls Want by Che Ga Zebra

the beast

Following in the tradition of record labels releasing records we have gone ahead and produced yet another one for our collection. This time it is in the shape of two zebras and we couldn’t be more excited to finally unleash this mild-mannered beast upon you, the members of the generally general public.

These songs by Audacious residents, Che Ga Zebra, have been floating around our HQ for some time now and have been the butt of our enjoyment since MJ of Hookworms did us all a favour and placed some microphones in a room in Leeds last year. The Che lads played the songs well and the result is this four-track cassette, ‘What Girls Want‘.

With topics ranging from non-existent surf scenes surrounding the river Humber and perpetually perturbed men in Sheffield, the nigh on 15-minute tape is part farce, part tragedy and casts the shadows of drugs, crime and climate change against a distorted landscape of drones, drum noodling and fun riffs. (That sentence was far too long and I imagine you’ll probably need to cool off.)

The tape is priced at around the £3 mark but this will vary higher or lower depending on certain circumstances such as distance traveled, postage, digital download and the kindness of your heart.

With the band recently blowing away half a years worth of cobwebs Che Ga Zebra are approaching top form so if you would like to catch the duo performing the best of their songs you can do so at varying venues throughout Sheffield over the next couple of months. And if you’re really interested you can catch the official release of their EP at our very own Audacious Space, on July 19. Failing that you’ve got the following to look forward to:

June 19 @ The Washington More Info
June 26 @ The Audacious Space More Info
July 6 @ The Red House More Info
July 19 @ The Audacious Space
July 26 @ the Frog and Parrot

Che always like to offer their fans warm receptions so don’t be afraid of them. They are pretty black and white so what you see is what you get. Happy listening.

What Girls Want is available for pre-order now. You need to click on the embedded link.

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