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New Release Aud#24 – Corner Control – EP

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So this is my favourite part – we’ve got a new release coming up from The Audacious Art Experiment, and it’s a blinder. Corner Control are a live electronics duo that were born out of the University of Sheffield’s Small Ideas alternative music society and late-night party Small Decks, and they’ve produced a glossy, MIDI soaked record that we just had to lend a hand with.

It’s got a cold space disco sound, with glassy synths either in staccatto over pulsing, sparse drum beats, or gliding in a smooth portamento. The band themselves have put forward the following serving suggestions:

  • 1) Watching human existance being dwarfed by the bleak landscape on an intercity train ride.
  • 2) Watching surburban existance cloaked in drizzle and watching the harsh light of a computer screen.

After seeing them live supporting Galaxians, we were very keen to get involved. As such, ‘EP’ will be released on a limited edition CD and on download as AUD#24. This will all happen on the 26th of October.

This alone wasn’t ‘audacious’ enough, though. In addition, we ventured out into the peak district to construct a special website, specifically for this release. ‘Peep Show’ is a collection of short films of the peak district, synced with music from the record and found sounds. This will be open from the 21st of October with the pre-order for the record.

For now though, here’s the lead track from ‘EP’ for your listening pleasure:

  • Pre-order & ‘Peep Show’ release: 21st of October
  • Release date: 26th of October – featuring live performance at The Washington.
  • FFO: Lindström, Drexciya, Barbara Morris, Daniel Lopatin

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