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New Release AUD#25 – Championlover – Make-Out LP

championlover_image2 Wow, it’s a busy time over here in the Audacious Womb. We’ve got another new release, and this is one that I’m incredibly excited about.

Championlover are a band that have been entwined with The Audacious Art Experiment for a very long time.Two of them used to play with Luke back in the ‘good old days’ of Trinity, and then Phil also went on to play in A Middle Sex. However, we shall not dwell on the past – this is undoubtably a record of future-sounds.

Make-Out is Championlover’s first full length album, the culmination of a slew of exclusive releases and wild live recordings. Like their previous work, it’s a live, partially improvised sonic-journey, buzzing with premium vibes. It’s got a sound like no other – one that can perhaps only be quantified in ridiculous hyperbole.

They describe themselves as a ‘KRAUTDUBFUNKPUNKNOISE ‘ outfit, and a psychedelic no-world package holiday. To me, Make-out specifically sounds like the soundtrack to a spaced out journey through the sahara. It draws on kraut rock, world music, post punk, dub and dance music in equal measure. Ghostly vocals, saxophone and guitar drift over double drums and jagged bass and keyboard lines. Importantly, the band have managed to fully translate their unstoppable live experience to the record – it’s brimming with energy and atmosphere.

Championlover-makeout-album cover

The record will be released on the 29th of November, on vinyl and download only. Championlover will be joining us in the Audacious Space for the release party – Blood Sport will play too, along with some other bands, to be confirmed shortly.

For now though, you can go to their bandcamp to pre-order the record, and stream two exclusive tracks below. They’ve also made a fantastic promo video, which you can also watch below that.

Bandcamp page: Facebook:

Upcoming live dates:

28th November – Manchester – Soup Kitchen

29th November – Sheffield – Audacious Space

30th November – London – Total Refreshment Centre

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