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New Release AUD#32 – Jim Ghedi – Destroy All Your Earthly Possessions


Since joining Audacious Space in 2012, Jim Ghedi has been a constant source of enigmatic joy and inspiration for us all. Often taking up the bulk of the more lackluster daytime slots in our booking doc, there was rarely a day down there where you wouldn’t expect him to suddenly burst through the door, followed by a gang of tweedy minstrels and begin humming an ecstatic mass that would last for hours on end. It was over a few of these kind of mornings and afternoons last month, that i got to witness Jim crafting his latest piece of work, which he’d all but insisted we put out on TAAE.

I’d been staying on the space floor for a few days, after an unexpected return to Sheffield from my travels. Jim would arrive every morning at 9:30 sharp and after a quick brew and even sharper conversation about travel, creative contentment and how possible it might be to grow old without ever growing up, he would open up his laptop and begin spitting and flicking layers of saxophone and guitar into his bizarrely shaped golf ball mic. Watching Jim work on new projects is a truly inspiring experience. Every idea, melody and note that ends up in his songs seems to be already fully formed in his mind, ready to go. Ecstatically he lifts his lid, taking out each piece of vibrating brain and calmly throwing it down exactly where he wants it to fall, with little re-takes or deliberation. The only frustrations and limitations to his process, seemed to be the fact that his laptop RAM wouldn’t mix down quick enough and allow him to get on with writing/finishing the next song, before moving to Brussels in a week or so’s time.

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In his own words, Jim tells us that “Destroy All Your Earthly Possessions (DSTRY ’14) developed from exploring areas of Electronic music, moving away from acoustic song-writing and developing interests in electronic music and modulations, developed by still using the acoustic instruments (Guitar & Saxophone). Travelling areas within sound scape music, ambient music, minimalist composition, Electronic, experimental music and elements of Free Jazz”.

“The main concept behind it was seeing how two contrasting genre’s of music would work when put together, it was an experiment which i had no idea what would materialise as the end product, i would record acoustic ideas, melodies, guitar pieces, Saxophone riffs and then manipulate the sound through electronics, drum machines and modulations within the same theme or feel of the recording. It was a working process which the more i recorded and played around, something finally was pieced together and i could stand back from it and listen to it as a piece of music”.

Destroy All Your Earthly Possessions is a short 8 track album which is dynamic, at times spacious, at other times rich and fulfilling, exploring different atmospheres fluidly throughout. Recorded/mixed/mastered in 2 weeks by Jim himself, within our beloved Audacious Space in Sheffield, UK during September 2014. The whole album is now available for download via the bandcamp link above.

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