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New Release AUD#37 – Bonetti – Dos Mescal Para Vamanos

Right now, we’re stoked to present Bonetti and their debut effort, Dos Mescal Para Vamanos.

Unleashed in the physical sense on April 27, the night-on 15 minute long piece features a collection of songs, stories and field recordings, influenced by the sights, smells a currencies of Latin America.

This collaborative effort animates a latino sojourn, combing the work of ten artists and musicians from around the globe, with project manager Loic Tuckey in the swivel chair.

As well as his trademark ‘midnight wine’ guitar style, Loic adds a variety of tones including a saxophone, melodica, a petty toy trumpet and a fire bell.

Written, recorded and mixed in Sheffield at our beloved Audacious Space, using just two SM58s and an unconfirmed condenser, this DIY job is a tale of death, unfamiliar bonds and sheer hard graft.

Taking influence from the guitars of Sonic Youth, rudiments of Tom Waits and the reverb soaked voice of 90s George Michael, Dos Mescal Para Vamanos blends surf and post-punk with live scenes and monologues captured on a second-hand Panasonic Dictaphone, from Panama.

The fruit of this plant is a bud of persistent grooves, industrial beats and confidently delivered stories through a haze of late night smoke and reverb, mastered by legendary Warp and FON producer, Rob Gordon.

Loic says this of the project:

“It’s a rapid account of life lived from coach to town, from memory to sketchbook, and a personal exercise in working with limited talent and equipment. .

It’s by far the most ardent and focused piece of work I have created in 12 years, so naturally I’m very proud and excited to have TAAE help me out, once more.

I honestly did my best and that’s all you can ever ask.”


To seal this lovely deal, the EP contains a selection of unique artwork for each song, helping to nurture and deliver a selection of hispanic flashbacks, including a design by Olga Rienda Tattoos for Oaxaca, which you can hear and see now.

Available to you is the package deal containing a CD, a download, some pretty art and an additional short, graphic novel created by Instinctive Squid.

If all this is simply too much hotch then you can treat yourself the CD/download combo, or for those who need nothing more, just download it.

It’s all available from our Bandcamp.

What’s stopping you?

More information regarding the artwork, shows and music can be found at

Don’t be shy, give Bonetti a try….

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