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June 22, 2011 Comments (0) Views: 1750 Free downloads, Gigs, Music, Videos

Next Audacious Live Event

The last rush of Audacious gigs for the summer are fast approaching and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a busy July for us. On Sunday the 3rd of July we’ve got none other than Roseanne Barrr and Gropetown playing down The Red House, Solly Street. Full line up and info is as follows.

(London) With members of no wave punkers Woolf + queer synth punx Husbands Roseanne Barrr create a clattering taut mess of a noise with a bass guitar and drums. Hot and Heavy.
Download their records for free here

(Glasgow) Being buddies of fellow Glaswegians Divorce + Ultimate Thrush, you can get an idea of what these folk sound like. An unrelenting smack in the face with a breezeblock of complex mathy post hardcore akin to Arab on Radar with two front people whom shriek and squawk around this swirling descent into rapture.
Download two releases here for free

(All over) Celebrating the release of their first 7″ ‘First Love’, Elk return to Sheffield to attempt to trick you into buying it. Featuring two members of Andy, Glenn and Ritch (you’ll have to guess which ones) Elk play noodling, indie-emo pop, with lyrics you’d expect from three people whom we’ve witnessed reading so many books over the years.
Download their 7″ for free here
Buy a real copy here

Gig will cost you £4 and should start at around 8pm. Can’t wait to see you there.

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