Nick Kilby

Nick Kilby is a performance artist involved in the New Aktionist movement and has been practicing body performance since 2009, after graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a first class honors in Contemporary Performance Practice. Kilby’s initial work investigated the political contradictions of the sculpted body in a state of violence, through a series of performances carried out at venues and festivals across the UK including the Fresh AiR Festival and Brixton’s Brick Box programme.

Aside from the ongoing relationship with Adam Denton and Luke Twyman of Trans/Human, Kilby has collaborated with several artists through a variety of mediums including sound design and text, and through consultation on piercing and other body modification practice. Kilby is currently undertaking a postgraduate research project investigating the histories, methodologies and ethics of the ecstatic community.

The process of the New Aktionist movement is essentially a return to older values that does not recognise the art market and strives for a bringing together of peoples within the performance space to problem solve, de/reconstruct the social consensus through movement, noize and aktion. The performances have Dionysian implications, with the inclusion of the audience in the space set by their own willingness to be implicated; the act of bearing witness and sharing being recognised as being one and the same.

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