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No Signs Of Repair – An Audacious Art Experiment

We’re really really really really excited to finally be able to tell you about this banging alldayer/exhibition we’ve been cooking up. It’s been a good few months in the oven and has burnt a few of those involved already but we’re confident we can push through and bring you an awesome day. If you scroll down below you’ll find all the info, but long story short, we’ve got 10 of our favourite bands including some new to the Audacious roster. Most of whom will have brand new records and tapes to sell on the day. The day will also feature photography and sound installations that will hopefully paint a fair picture of Sheffield in it’s current “re-development” stage and maybe highlight where public funds could be better used.

Entry fee will be £5 but the venue at the moment is still a little bit of a secret, simply just to keep any unwanted bureaucratic nonsense drifting our way whilst we get everything into place. However we can tell you that it is in an awesome, newly acquired warehouse space down in Sheffield’s old industrial quarter.

More updates will be posted as the date gets clearer, for now you’d best confirm as ‘attending’ on the facebook event below and wait for the go ahead from us next week. Kinda makes it all a bit more exciting don’t ya think?

No Signs Of Repair Facebook Event

See you there.

::The Audacious Art Experiment is proud to present::

Saturday 21st May 2011 – 12pm till who knows when…

A day long music and photography assault addressing the wasteful and misguided re-development of Sheffield, in an abandoned warehouse in the old industrial quarter.

::Bands on the day to include::

– B>E>A>K –
Hailing from a freshly prepared nest in Sunderland and featuring members of Coal Train, these chicks will be blasting out their own brand of intricate indie emo with added trumpet squarks. Download ‘The Red Edition’ from the life of birds series for free below.

– Diet Pills –
Heavy as hell grungy hardcore from Leicester. Loud and uncomfortable, slow yet exhausting. They should have a new LP for sale on the day. Download the tune below for now.

– Wooderson –
S11 post punk, Download all their stuff for free below.

– Cry Havoc –
Full on d-beat crust onslaught from Sheffield, with added guitar solos and a shit tonne of volume.

– Horses –
Drunken garage dirge from The Pennines. Thump. Bash. Echo.

– Satellites Of Love –
Snotty, aggressive and trashy punk from down London way. Gross.

– Yearn –
Karl Sveinsson from A Middle Sex/Stand. Drones, acoustic, beeps, squeaks, treats.

– Sex Hands –
Lazy, muffled, garage psyche-out from Manchester. Dee dee, dah dah, laa laa, CRUNCH.

– Petals –
Kev Sanders from Trinity. White noise, drones, pedals, sick buckets.

– Algiers –
New Sheffield band featuring WIll from Dartz and John from The Maple State. Stripped down indie emo hearthrobs. Drums. Guitar. Keyboards. Singing.


::Photography Exhibition::

Joe Singleton & Jonathon Salmon

Showing Sheffield as it really is. Backing neither the contemporary architectural dream leading art groups and the council have, nor the twee past that is often looked back at in awe. A spotlight of reality showing little development or progression, whilst highlighting where the true communities exist, their wants, needs and what is important to them in a city.


::Other work to include::

– The Royal House of Choke Screening –
Short film about an improvised drum jam held in Manchester’s Victoria Baths in February ’11. Trailer below

– Sound installations by imboredofbastards & Darryl Peat


::After Party and DJs::

TBC – Watch this space



There will be some. Don’t worry.


There will also be lots of this. Really, stop worrying.


£5 on the door.

Thanks for reading. Share this about and see you there.

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