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Now Is The Time

Alright maaaaan.

It’s been an absolutely beautiful summer for the experiment, filled with all the bbq’s, lake swimming and personal adventures that the warm months should only exist for. One highlight that must be pointed out and applauded however, is the recent marriage of Karl (Stand) Sveinson and Sophie (Pigeons) Nelson in Cleethorpes last weekend. They tied the knot in the most grand casual manner, followed by a curry and music from Elk and the Klaus Kinski boys. We’d all like to raise a Jah once again and wish them a massive future and give thanks for a truly Audacious wedding. Onwards!

—Regarding Bands—


A lot of the bands usually parked in our garage are a little unaccounted for at the moment, but i’m sure they’ll turn up as the weather turns cold and we’re all forced back inside. As far as I know WOODERSON are taking it a little steady for a month after a eventful tour round the UK with Wales SATURDAY’S KIDS. They played about 10 gigs up and down the country and reportedly had ‘A fine time’. If my ears are hearing me right I think they mentioned something about an album this year. Probably wouldn’t be a shit idea, until then you can download their EP HERE for nowt.


Over in Manchester last weekend, something weird happened on the boarder of Fallowfield and Moss Side. After trying and failing to book a house party gig for the zone addict Phil AKA – MAN FROM URANUS, the boys from TRINITY managed to persuade him to still come. I say persuade but in all honestly they just lied, said it was all go then lured him to their lair with falafel and pints. Upon arrival, Phil was dosed with whisky and ordered to jam in a pink bubble wrapped room they refer to as ‘The Womb’. Phil fled early in the morning without saying goodbye, leaving the rest of TRINITY struggling to remember what had accoured. Luckily two recordings where made of the jam and will soon be released on a format small enough to fit through your letter box, to avoid all that running back and forth to the post office depot.

To wrap up, OX SCAPULA snuck out their first full length early on in the summer with GRINGOART FOR BLIND and SEA OWL all chipping in to see the deed done. If you somehow missed it you can buy it here and download over HERE.

As far as ELK and CRASH OF RHINO’S goes we’re not too sure what they’re all up to, last we heard records are still being mixed and fingers crossed will surface soon. Just as soon as every hair has been split exactly how they like it. Some CRASH MIXES HERE until then.

—Goings on—



It’s definitely cutting it close getting this one out, but if you’re in Sheffield tomorrow night and fancy and change from usual overpriced bars playing songs you didn’t even care about 2 years ago, get yourself down to the 3b Artspace for something a little different. Daz and his regular band of 60’s throw backs used to put do’s on under the guise of ‘Brown Owl’ and they’re back upto their old tricks, putting on another one of their much enjoyed evenings featuring a well lit room, indie/psych bands and smart dressers playing smart tunes. Artwork by dudes involved will be on display and there’s a tinnie bar to wade into.

Friday 27th August Unit 3b Artspace Chaucer Yard, Countess Rd Sheffield

3 on the door 8 or late with a good excuse.



Ian’s been putting on good solid punk gigs in Sheffield now for a while and this weekend sees no exception, with the return of Fuck Leeds Fest at the Earl. About 10 crust, thrash, punk and hardcore bands will play on Sunday for an uncertain but probably small amounts of pounds.

Sunday 29th August at 15:00 Sawa Bar 25-29 Arundel Gate Sheffield, United Kingdom



A little something for all you Grimsby folk this bank holiday monday. Way back in March, Jenny Sherriff did one to Kenya to work on a project with a charity group called PLATFORM 2. For 10 weeks the group worked with schools, communities groups and on environmental sites, planting trees and learning about international development. They lived with local people who open their houses out to the project all year round. This Bank Holiday Monday you’ll have the chance to see a collection of photography, video and artwork by the group as well as stories and accounts of this beautiful land, it’s people, the problems it faces in the future and how you can get involved.

Monday 30th August Willy’s Wine Bar Cleethorpes 12pm 6pm


We wanna start taking submissions for peoples artwork, to hopefully go towards a blog filled with loads of stuff people have made or enjoy doing. If you write stories, poems, take pictures, make paintings or make videos give us a shout and see if there’s anything you’d like to share.

I’m covered in internet so i’ll leave it there for now, have a good weekend and don’t forget the bin men come a day late next week.

The Audacious Art Experiment. LAST FM

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