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Open call out for potential new collective art space


Do you have an interest in art?
Do you have an interest in spaces?
Do you have an interest in art spaces?
Do you like community?
Do you like community spaces?
Do you like community spaces that like art?
Do you like being involved?
Do you like being involved in community art spaces?

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘YES’, then you should know that there’s a group of people in Sheffield who are currently trying to get the same sentiments organised and off the ground.

An opportunity has arisen and a location has been identified for a space near to the city centre, with amazing potential for studios (non musical), exhibition rooms, social and organised meetings and general collective inspiration.

If you’re interested in getting involved and finding out more, email with any questions and wait for word on the next meeting.

The group has expressed clearly to us, that this is intended to be a joint community venture, with people involved being prepared to take up an balanced share of responsibilities and roles. Not simply a ‘rent and room and lock the door’ vibe. It will be run in a non-hierarchical manner and aim to provide a free, open and expressive place for people to develop their ideas within.

If any of this still sounds interesting to you, email in and GET INVOLVED!


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