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Peak Signal 2 Noise TV Debut – Sat 27th September


Peak Signal 2 Noise is a brand new weekly Experimental music/sound/art programme made by a Sheffield-based collective of filmmakers, musicians, artists, gig promoters, including Singing Knives Records, Tinnitus Jukebox and Poot. It has been developed over the last year to document the experimental music scene, after Sheffield was awarded a local cable TV channel called SLTV. Run alongside the already established Sheffield Live FM radio station, SLTV later managed to raise £95,000 via a community share selling scheme to fund the channels launch.

The debut PS2N episode features: Bill Orcutt, Jooklo Duo, Human Heads, Humbolt Ventures (part 1 of 2) and Luke Poot and will be shown at 9pm Sat 27th September (against X-Factor – HA!!) on Virgin 159, Freeview 8. Plans to have the show live streamed online are still being sorted out, but PS2N promise to have it on Vimeo ready to view at 9:30pm, immediately after broadcast, and will post the link on FB/Twitter etc then.


Episode two (next Sat 4th October) features: Sweat Tongue, Papal Bull, The Family Elan, Humbolt Venures (part 2 of 2), and a selection of Vines by Dylan Nyoukis of Chocolate Monk.

For more information go to and
You can also follow PS2N on twitter via @PeakSgnl2Noise

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