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Play Dead Fanzine Interview From 2004

Whilst clearing out loads of boxes in the space the other day, i came across an old copy of Play Dead fanzine that featured an extensive ‘Check the label’ interview section with us. Play Dead was one of the last free monthly fanzines to be distributed nationwide in the UK punk scene. Fracture had already long gone, along with Reason To Believe, as internet forums and websites like Collective Zine started to take up the bulk of DIY’s word spreading duties.

The scans from this issue, printed in September/October 2004, provide a interesting look back at what we we’re up to back then. The interview states that the label was started in the summer of 2002, though after much nostalgic discussion most of us are convinced that the first release didn’t come out until 2003. Either way, we’ve decided that next year will be our official 10 year anniversary. So what better way to get the party started than by sharing some wise and often hilarious words, cover art and adverts from our founding father, Ben Lane.

Opening the pages last week, i was filled with dread at meeting our 10 years younger selves face to face and hearing how much guff we talked. On reflection though things didn’t seem to be that different to now. The label was putting out records of close and inspiring friends, opinions often concerned with politics, commerce and the need to constantly move forward. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs since and the glory days of Andy, Glenn and Ritch/Jesus Years Tours tearing up packed pub backrooms will never be back. I somehow think though that if one of the questions in this asked “In 10 years time do you think you’ll be running some underground DIY space with 30 other folks, just for the hell of it?” The answer probably would have been “Dream on”.

DIY and Ben Lane forever.

This PDF is available to download if anyone would like a copy. Just open it in a new window and file>download

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