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Reception at Site Gallery

Saturday 4th August sees some of our busiest experimenters demonstrating a series of new work down at Site Galley for an entire day.

The event begins at 11am with a circuit bending workshop, where people are invited to come down, manipulate and build an interactive sculpture of childrens toys. The session is open and will be aimed at very simple skill levels and aim to make everyone involved a part of the final music score produced. Anyone is welcome to bring down their own equipment, knowledge and toys for bending as we attempt to improvise our way through and build a ‘sonic hive mind’.

As the day turns to evening, the gallery will be transformed into a hub of audio, visual and live performance. As artists such as Tetsujin-28, Spandril, Petals, Marie Thompson, Malcolm Rex, Nick Kilby and Trans/Human attempt to receive the signals created over the day, interpret and recalibrate them, before final transmission via their own language of expression.

The day session between 11am and 6pm is free. With anyone being welcome to come down, get involved at any level or just check out whats happening.

The evening session is priced at £5 for an early ticket, with a little more to pay on the door. Those taking part in the day session will have the option to make a smaller contribution payment towards the evening event.

Reception is the first event, in what we hope will be many, by a new group of artists who are involved in The Audacious Art Experiment on many levels. The aims are to explore new and challenging sonic, visual and performance art. Whilst working collaboratively with people outside the group, to create an alternative broadcasting network of free thought and expression.

Consider this the pilot episode.


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