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Saif Mode is the electronic bloop project of TAAE’s resident recording engineer Ben Hunter. When not sucking up and mixing down the live audio signals of Sheffield DIY bands such as Dry Heaves, Trans/Human, Blood Sport and Sievehead, Ben makes glorious patterns of syncopated bleeps and squeaks in his bedroom. Over the last 6 months has been condensing these gems down to fit onto a tiny cassette, which we’re now proud to deliver direct to your knackered little ears.

Not much is known about Saif Mode’s production methods or true intentions, but we managed to corner him at a recent Peavey factory fire sale in Corby. He had this to say for himself.

“I was reading a lot about early Christianity at the time while listening to music by people like Cluster and Terry Riley, so the music is really a collision of those two things. The history of early Christianity is actually fairly chaotic, but you get a sense that the first converts found a beautiful simplicity in it that wasn’t really there in the Greco-Roman paganism of that era.

The simple waveforms and composition of early synthesizer music seem to have a sincerity to them that lends itself well to religious style music. This idea presents itself most obviously in the tracks Tristan 1865 and x0z9

This idea is going to be developed in the Saif Mode live shows and future releases, which will rely more on automated hardware in an attempt to emulate the gnostic idea of innate knowledge”.




Upcoming Saif Mode Shows

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