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Spot That Difference

Well that’s just about the year over and done with. Twenty thir-fucking-teen. A fruitful year down at the Audacious HQ it has to be said. We’ve packed the place out with records from ZA! Cowtown, Amorous Dialogues/Etai Keshiki, Che Ga Zebra, Spandril, Corner Control and Championlover. That works out at about a new release every eight weeks. Not bad, yeah? You’re welcome!

To celebrate the beginning of 2014 we’ve decided to give some of these records away. When we say ‘give,’ we really mean that you have to work for them. When we say ‘work’ we really mean your classic spot the difference competition.

Below we see our man, Loic Tuckey, as he leans up against the Audacious distro after completing the labeling of all our stock. You all know the rules – spot as many differences as you can between the two pics and tell us about it. For example: ‘Mr Blobby appears in the second picture.’ That’s one for free, now go and spot the rest. There are loads. You have your work cut out but think about how much you could do with that Championlover record in your collection, or how you would have loved a Cowtown record for Christmas. Now is your chance. The first three people closest to spotting all of the differences will be the winners.

Email us: theaudaciousartexperiment AT gmail DOT COM to tell us how many you have found and where. If you’re really into it you can Photoshop a red circle around the details. We really don’t mind how you decide to answer.

Good Luck


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