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Summats To Do #1

A while back, we used to offer up bi-weekly or monthly notes on our facebook, to keep you informed of all the vast amount of mint stuff going on in Sheffield. It was before we got our snazzy website and most of us had jobs we actually liked and wanted to work hard at. In between this time we’ve also become a lot more active as a label/collective ourselves so haven’t ever really found the time to keep up to date with everything ourselves, let alone write about it. That hopefully though is about to change as tonight we offer up a few things, in what will hopefully become a long running, Summats To Do series. Where in, we will hope to keep you up to date with all the mint weekly going on in this fair city, as well as helping our friends and comrades out at the same time.

If you would like to submit an event for Summats To Do, just email us at with all the relevent info and links and somehow will hopefully cobble it together.

First up.

Saturday 15th October 2011 – The Really Free School – CADS Artspace, Smithfield, Sheffield – 10am – 7.30pm – FREE

There’s an exciting free school event being organised by the people of Sheffield Social Centre tomorrow down at Creative Arts Development Space in Shalesmoor. Loads of ace classes, workshops and talks about anything from feminism, growing food, squatting and all kinds of other stuff. There’ll be plenty of damn fine vegan food knocking around at meal times and hopefully a lot of open discussion. Sheffield Social Centre are in the process of applying for co-op status and permanent premises and are very quickly getting themselves organised. If helping to be a part of a non-hierachical free space is what you’ve been waiting for in Sheffield then get yourself down and get involved.


Saturday 15th October 2011 – The Harley, Glossop Road, Sheffield – 8pm – £6
Uneven Blonde Presents:// TELLISON – ALGIERS – ELK

The wonderful Algiers and the magical Elk are playing on Saturday at The Harley, Sheffield. I’m lead to believe Algiers will have their new EP for sale, whilst Elk will be selling an old collection of encyclopedias they failed to shift on amazing marketplace.

‎*This just in* Unfortunately there was a false alarm and Algiers will not have their new EP for sale tomorrow. So they will now instead, be selling tubs of ice cream and minstrels during the interval. Apologies to anyone who had already smashed their piggy bank in anticipation.


Sunday 16th October 2011 – The Red House, Solly Street, Sheffield – 6pm (early finish by 11pm) £6

Not Shy Of The DIY Records #94 is sunday night at the Redhouse Sheffield. With a tonne of mint bands listed below, including our best buds Crash Of Rhino’s, this will most likely be a sunday Boozy Du of epic punk proportions. Ah sound.

RVIVR (olympia)
(catchy hook laden pop-punk jams – latterman/shorebirds)

(leeds stalwarts, melodic punk rock akin to american steel/leatherface/ and a bit-o-D4 for good measure)

(bloody reight good, sounds like hella just got stoned and made love to mineral)

PUDGE (sheffield)
(pop-punk party for the working classes, get some ciders in oi-oi)

PURE GRAFT (newcastle)
(technical punk and drunk rock, new split 7”s coming in oct )

ZAPIAIN – (leeds)
(hooton 3 car/chopper/blueline medic/jawbreaker infusion, a perfect blend of uk/u.s/aus melodic punk influences)


This i’m afraid is all we’ve got time for this week, sign up to the mailing list labelled ‘Draft Registration’ on the right hand side and get this bumf in your inbox next time.


*Header image by LISA O’HARA*

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