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TAAE x 15 – The Biggest News

After 15 years of solid service to the DIY community, we here at TAAE have decided that this November’s coming milestone will become the last for this particular project and The Audacious Art Experiment will retire.

Tickets to the last bash are here

From January 2019 we will begin a full shutdown of our beloved label and live promotions, leaving behind a timeline of records and gigs we feel truly astounded to have been a part of.

Fear not, the indestructible tree house of Audacious Space will change up and live on, returning in the new year as an exciting new entity, ready and willing to house fresh and rampant enthusiasm in truly caustic times.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us on our journey from humble little Grimsby, to Leeds, Sheffield, London and the far corners of the globe. It’s been the wildest log flume but it’s time to step off and try another ride.

We’ll be holding a celebration of our years and coming gardening leave at Picture House Social on 9th & 10th of November, in honour of all we’ve shared together and our dear founder, Ben Lane.

Listen to a playlist of who’s playing below.

Sadly, label Grandfathers Andy, Glenn and Ritch are no longer able to play, but they want to you to know they gave it a bloody good go.

Hopefully see you there.

The Right Honourable Order of The Audacious Art Experiment.

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