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The herd is growing in numbers, stampede imminent | The Audacious Art Experiment | Get involved MENU

April 18, 2011 Comments (2) Views: 1803 Free downloads, Music, Uncategorized

The herd is growing in numbers, stampede imminent

Here comes another one, just like the other one, der deh der deh deh DER! We’re pretty much doing laps about the fact that ELK have whipped together their second EP in just a manner of weeks. You can currently stream their latest offerings via bandcamp and download them for FREE as of Fri 22nd April. That means you’ll be able to put them inside your iPod for when you go jogging, how brilliant! Then come May you’ll be able to buy ‘Return To Sender’ and ‘First Love’ on a brand spanking new 7″ catalogued AUD015. Oh it’s all happening like, enjoy it while it lasts.

Listen to First Love by Elk – HERE
Read all about them – HERE
Follow on facebook HERE

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2 Responses to The herd is growing in numbers, stampede imminent

  1. Phyll Smith says:

    So who’s distributing the single?

  2. Luke Twyman says:

    You’ll be able to buy it direct from us and the band once it’s ready. Should be around May 20th fingers crossed.

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