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New Release AUD#33 – TAAE Annual Stakeholder Audit 2015


Amidst the growing national awareness that DIY is not just a term for fixing one’s house, The Audacious Art Experiment spent a busy 2014 not fixing its house (except the urinals) and getting on with far more interesting things. One of them being the eyeopener we’re able to (partly) tell you about today.

On the Monday morning of January 26th, a big memo is due to hit the desks of everyone working at Good Taste Corporation – TAAE Annual Stakeholder Audit 2015. A mammoth 25 track compilation of wild music produced, recorded and published within the confines of The Audacious Art Experiment.

First and foremost, it’s a preview of some incredible records due out on the label this year, including previously unheard tracks by Cowtown, A Middle Sex, and Elk. It’s also a collection of tracks from the bonus year we had in 2014, and more, including a never-heard-before collaboration between Blood Sport & Azores (feat. members of Galaxians, Beards), Nope, King Capisce, and Championlover. There’s even a selection of brand new, unreleased tunes by more recent Audacious Space projects Dead Badgers, The Skipping Forecast, Attic Salt, Bonetti and Saif Mode. The list goes on.

All in all, it’s 110 minutes of music that covers the full tenacity and experimental abandon of TAAE, careening from frantic new-wave, through electronica-inspired afrobeat, to experimental hardcore and tropical insect drone. Despite this, it makes for a truly cohesive whole – a testament to the collaborative and creative atmosphere contained within the walls of the Audacious Space. Every track on this compilation has either been performed, regurgitated, imagined or created at 107a Harwood Street.

The record is available for DL from bandcamp on a ‘pay what you like’ basis, with a special second option to purchase a ‘made to order’ version on double C60 cassette. All proceeds raised will go towards funding the future of Audacious Space and TAAE as a label, ensuring we can get through another year without too much fuss.

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